Fremont News of the Day

fremont_news_linkFrom the cops:
A drug dealer called police to report someone stealing his drugs. The dealer said he had a “legal prescription to sell marijuana,” and a plan to sell it to a “legal buyer.” But that legal buyer turned out to be a crook, who snatched the marijuana and walked away. Police were not sympathetic, noting the dealer had marked up the marijuana by $80.

A driver crashed into a parked car, and ran away from the scene of the accident leaving behind his car with the bill of sale inside. Cops use the bill of sale to find the driver in his home. The driver told them he was carjacked. Cops give him the stink eye, and driver admits that he was the driver. He also acknowledges that he’s already on probation for a DUI.

From the wire:
Chronicle covered yesterday’s Niles meeting and has a really good photo of the tree removal.
Fremont Bank profits up
Leprechaun Land in Fremont


Fremont School Board to rule on play

As the commenter said, the board rejected Angels in America by a 4-1 vote. Lara York was the lone dissenter. Also, it was the play, not the mini-series.

Tonight could be another cultural skirmish for the Fremont Unified School District Board of Directors.

They get to decide whether to approve the play/mini-series Angels in America to be shown to an AP English class. I’m unclear whether students would read the play or watch the mini-series.

The board has been prickly about approving certain sensitive subjects, such as the book Bastard out of Carolina, and state-approved sex education for middle schoolers. They rectified that one recently.

Angels in America does involve gays and AIDS. But the mini-series stars Emma Thompson and Meryl Streep, so this could be a close a vote. For more on the mini-series, click here.


Niles Canyon Road meeting


Not a lot of new info at today’s public forum on Niles Canyon Road.

Caltrans is moving ahead with the first project, for which its already chopped down between 81 and 100 trees, but you guys knew that.

Niles and Sunol people — I counted nearly 100, mostly gray beards — were angry and a little belligerent, but you knew that too.

Caltrans won’t unveil its plan for the big second project until Autumn, which is about six months later than originally planned. That could mean they’re looking at major changes to their proposal.

Also, Caltrans said Fremont’s proposal to ban trucks may not have the safety impacts the city seems to think. Even though trucks account for a disproportionate number of collisions on the street, about 80 percent of those involve pickup trucks or slightly larger vehicles like UPS trucks. The city couldn’t band those things. The kind of trucks the city could ban — the big 18 wheelers, account for relatively few accidents.

Photo by Steven Ashley Wilson

Council Meeting Journal

A reminder about the the Niles Canyon Road meeting  at 11 a.m. Wednesday at the Fremont Senior Center. Mike Dubinsky of Niles just said there’s a good article about the situation in the Tri-City Voice. #@$%%%@&$

The council is despondent about not being able to issue bonds to finance Irvington BART.

City Manager Fred Diaz said yesterday’s state auditor’s report was politically motivated. He had something else to say, but his voice trailed off and wasn’t really audible.

It’s hard not to feel badly for the council and the city folks on this one. The state takes away money left and right and it seemed like the only way the system worked in their favor was redevelopment. It’s also hard not to feel badly that the city spent lots of moolah over the last few years to get more redevelopment funds and probably spent considerably more money this year for their lawyers to move ahead with this bond, and now it might be all for naught.

But Prop. 22 was, in a sense, dishonest. Redevelopment hinged on state subsidies. City redevelopment agencies got property tax money that would have gone to schools and the state made up the difference. When the state decided it didn’t have the money to backfill school districts, it took money from redevelopment agencies to make up the difference.

But the redevelopment agencies got greedy last year and persuaded voters to protect their take at the expense of other local agencies.

Looks like it’ll end up biting them in the butt.

Anyway the council voted unanimously not to proceed with the bond. Continue Reading


Fremont officially Asian majority city

asiansThe Census released a lot of info today.

To nobody’s surprise, I’m sure, Fremont now has an Asian majority. Last major census study in 2005 found an Asian plurality.

Here’s Fremont 2010 according to the census:
Total Population: 214,089
Whites: 26.5 percent
Blacks: 3.1 percent
Asians: Asians 50.3 percent
Pacific Islander: 0.5 percent
Some other race: 0.2 percent
Multi-racial: 4.3 percent
Latino: 14.8 percent
Native American: 0.2

We won’t know till later this year if the census counted more Chinese or Indians.


Fremont News of the Day

fremont_news_linkFrom the cops:
Officer Lambert sees a subject driving his vehicle with false registration tabs and stops him in the driveway of his home on the 5400blk of Borgia Road. The subject gets out of the vehicle and walks towards his home, ignoring Officer Lambert’s commands to stop. At the same time, a second subject walks out of the side yard, sees Lambert, and tosses a crank pipe. Finally, and just for good measure, a male parolee is standing near the front door deciding whether or not he should run because he has a no-bail warrant. Lambert brings out his K-9, convincing all three that it was in their best interest to comply with his orders until cover arrives. All three are taken into custody without incident.

From the wire:
Tesla news.


Fremont News of the Day

fremontFrom the cops:

A woman walked into the bathroom of the Shell gas station on Auto Mall Parkway. When she walked out, the clerk greeted her with a kiss. She called the cops and got the clerk arrested for battery.

A woman running around Lake Elizabeth was grabbed by three young men. They also made sexual comments to her. She called the cops; the young men have not been found.

A motorist called police upon spotting a drunk driver on Decoto Road near Fremont Boulevard. Officers found the car swerving  all over the road around Paseo and Thornton. The driver was arrested.

Officers were sent to the area of Purpleleaf Street in Warm Springs on a report of three men carrying backpacks and casing homes.  Officers found two suspects nearby. Then, a police watch block captain called the cops upon seeing two backpacks at a bus stop  just south of where the suspects were stopped. The backpacks are filled with what police think is stolen property. Suspects match descriptions of crooks who have recently burglarized Warm Springs.


State redevelopment report doesn’t ding Fremont

Fremont came out pretty well on state audit of 18 redevelopment agencies.

State Controller John Chiang didn’t single out Fremont’s redevelopment agency for any misdeeds. However, he did write that all 18 redevelopment agencies had reporting deficiencies and the independent auditors for all 18 redevelopment agencies failed to identify major audit violations and didn’t include all required information in the audit reports.

Fremont was one of eight redevelopment agencies that didn’t maintain data showing the number of jobs created from redevelopment activities.

Several agencies were singled out:

Pittsburg was found to have had a lack of documentation and an undocumented load.

San Jose was found to have excess salaries and benefits charged to the redevelopment agency.

Desert Hot Springs was found to have made ineligible charges against its low- and moderate-income housing fund.

To read the report, click here.