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fremontFrom the cops:

An officer stopped two juvies at Irvington Park. When a pat-down revealed a bag of marijuana, the patted perp ran for the hills, and managed to get away. But the officer is familiar with perp and plans to follow up.

A resident at a home on the 42700 block of Lemonwood called cops to say that someone tried to rob him at gunpoint at his front door. Cops think they know why. The resident was growing marijuana in his backyard.

A man arrived home on the 38900 block of Logan Drive to find a big burly man inside. When the big intruder made it seem like he was reaching for a gun, the resident let  leave out the front door. A second burglar left through a bedroom window. Officers arrived with in minutes, but didn’t catch the crooks.

A relationship gone bad, turned into a breakup gone wrong as two women, once lovers, got into a violent confrontation outside Labor Ready on the 3800 block of Peralta Boulevard. One lady stabbed the other with a stake knife. Police later arrested the stabber. The wounds were not life threatening.

A 57-year-old was walking to his car at the ARCO station on Fremont at Thornton with $40 in hand when a perp demanded his money. The victim got socked in the face, but refused to hand over the cash, and the perp fled empty-handed.

Matt Artz


  1. I think you mean “steak” knife, unless she was a vampire.

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