Fremont News of the Day

fremont_news_linkFrom the cops:

Traffic units are initially sent to what they believe is a crash at Chiltern Drive and Lemos Ln. Once they arrive, they discover that a father and his juvenile son had been arguing while driving, and that dad had kicked the son out of the car. The argument got more heated and the son ended up sitting on the hood of the car while it was moving. Dad slammed on the brakes and his son fell off the vehicle and onto the roadway. He ended up going to the hospital, and the father went to jail for child endangerment.

Officers visited the Seneca Center on Chapel Way after a 16-year-old threatened to bring an automatic rifle to the school. However, the teenager never showed.

An 18-year old was climbing through the bathroom window at a home on the 39300 block of Blacow Road when a resident confronted him. The burglar ran off and fled in a waiting Lexus.

Similar story on the 4300 block of Alema Terrace where a homeowner interupted a burglar inside their home.

From the wire:
I told someone close to me about how a Fremont woman has some of the last remaining panel’s from Christo’s “Running Fence” installation. Her response: “That’s really boring.” Reality checks are not my friend. Check out the exhibit this month at Olive Hyde and the story here.

Matt Artz