Ohlone to cut summer classes in half

This was sent out today throughout Ohlone College:

With the prospect of an “all cuts” state budget looming, community colleges must brace for a possible 2/3 billion dollar or higher cut in enrollment revenue to the system for next year.

In response we must cut the coming summer school offering to about half the size of last summer. We must also a make an initial 5% cut in our upcoming fall semester and then monitor enrollment carefully as more is learned about the state budget.  Cuts in our spring 2012 offerings may need to be 10% or higher if the “all cuts” state budget is enacted.

Deans will be contacting faculty affected by these summer and fall cuts.

Even if state tax extensions were to have passed, community colleges would still have had to reduce offerings significantly.  If the “all cuts” budget becomes reality, the impact on colleges and students will be extremely severe; an impact some are calling “mission-changing.”

In the coming weeks, Dr. Browning will be keeping the campus informed on the actions in Sacramento and their impact on Ohlone.   Please watch for her updates.

Jim Wright
Vice President of Academic Affairs – Deputy Superintendent

Matt Artz


  1. As our public educational system goes, so goes our democracy and economy. We must raise revenues. Sure, there’s waste. Sure, pensions are too big for some public employees. However, we’ll never pull out of this slump if we sacrifice our children to balance the budget.

  2. Community colleges not only serve children, but adults who are the breadwinners for their families and older people looking to stay current, retrain, or just get the educations that they couldn’t have when they were young.
    We are extinguishing hope for so many.

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