Fremont News of late Monday

fremont_news_linkFrom the cops:
A 22-year-old took the sharp edge of stake knife and jabbed it into someone’s neck at the Centerville Community Center. The victim was treated for a non life-threatening 3 to 4-inch gash. The stabber was last seen running toward Paseo Padre Parkway.

Responding to a call of a man with a handgun around Everglades Park Drive, officers chase down four folks near a canal. Three are 13 year olds and the handgun was a pellet gun.

It’s been awhile, but a 7-11 (Farwell and Stevenson) got robbed of money and lottery tickets over the weekend.

A man walked in to the El Camino Bar in Niles with a decent complexion. A few beer bottles to the face later, he wasn’t looking so hot. The guys who smashed in his face fled in a red or gray Honda.

From the wire:
This NY Times story contrasts Fremont’s declining white population with Brentwood’s increasing white population. Maybe that second Applebees was too little, too late.

Looks like Fremont has reduced development fees enough for construction to begin on a “downtown” apartment complex.

Matt Artz


  1. From the NY times article:

    “at Barbara Israel’s mah-jongg table”

    Mah-jongg??? Obviously Ms. Israel didn’t try hard enough to socialize with the asians in the tri-city area, otherwise she could be up to her eyeballs in mah-jongg without moving to *Brentwood* of all places. Racist.

  2. It’s just a matter of time. Brentwood eventually will be majority Asian, too.

  3. She’s an elderly woman that wants to live where other people sharing her culture lives.

    Certainly NOT RACIST in my book.

  4. Poppie: Did you miss the part where she plays MAH-JONGG?? Do you understand the importance of that?? If I have to spell it out, I will: there are tons of people playing mah-jongg in the tri-city area. But this lady doesn’t want to play an asian game with asian people, so she plays the asian game with white people. Racist

    “Sharing her culture.” WTF does that mean besides racism? That sounds pretty racist to me. Besides, there are plenty of white people in Union City. AND it’s a melting pot, but Ms. Israel can’t appreciate that so she moved to Brentwood…where she plays mah-jongg. Ahh the racism AND irony.

  5. Rindu, so the woman plays mah-jongg. Is it surprising to you that a lot of white people do? It’s a great game. Hell, my father had two sets of tiles!

    However, when it comes to the gossip and friendship that goes around at the table, she probably prefers to hear it in a language that she understands. And she’s probably used to eating potato salad and apple pie instead of rice and coconut deserts beause that’s what she grew up on.

    You have a chip on your shoulder when it comes to racism. She’s a retired lady that’s moved to an older folks home type retirement community that’s probably gated, has lower property costs and more amenities than she has access to here, and where she feels safer than living in an expensive detached single family home by herself.

    She probably did an immigrant family a favor by clearing out and leaving a nice home in a community with relatively good schools where her own kids probably couldn’t afford to live. And they did a favor to her by funding part of her retirement living costs with what they paid for the house.

    Jeez, I am so sick of hearing old white people called “racists’ by the new people moving in. They all don’t make life decision based on who they are afraid of moving in next door.

    They might be aloof . They are as stunned by the changes occurring here, and have increasingly little room to maneuver financially or physically. It’s hard for them to understand the incredible variety of foreign accents, but they try. They didn’t grow up with Rosetta Stone and the easy way to learn foreign languanges. It’s very hard to adopt new ways when you are old.

    A little compassion, please.

  6. “Ms. Israel” lol! who plays mah-jong! Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha..!

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