Fremont teachers to protest

The Fremont teachers’ union is protesting at 6 p.m. tonight outside City Hall, where at 7 p.m. the school board will begin a meeting that almost assuredly will last three hours longer than it needs to.

The teachers’ union is upset about proposed cuts given that the district has a healthy reserve. They also note that they have taken 11 furlough unpaid furlough days over the past two years.

That’s nothing. I’ll have done 15 in two years by the middle of next week.

I should probably note that the union has a no-layoff clause in its contract. I shouldn’t note this, but will anyway: A three-member majority of the school board would probably be scandalized if their 25-year-old child saw a PG-13 movie.

Matt Artz

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  1. My wife reported over 1000 people in the protest. Between skyrocketing health costs and furlough days, her take-home income has dropped several years in a row. Class sizes are up. Preparation time is down. Respect is, too.

    Unlike police and fire, teachers don’t get paid more for overtime. Usually teachers don’t get paid for it at all, and when they do, they receive less than their normal rate. This would all be well and good if the job didn’t require many hours of overtime.

    Sure, it could be worse. She could be out of a job – many teachers will be. This is the first year in her teaching career where she hasn’t had a real chance of getting laid off. I wonder why so many teachers switch to other careers?

    In the meantime, I hear Wall Street bankers are having a wonderful year. So are the arms manufacturers.

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