The Bill Lockyer Trail?


UPDATE: Here’s the story about Richmond’s vote.

This is one of those where I have to count to 10 and repeat “I shall not editorialize, I shall not editorialize” before writing.

Scott Haggerty, who represents most of Fremont on the Alameda County Board of Supervisors, is pushing to name the Bay Trail, which goes through the Tri-City area, after State Treasuer Bill Lockyer, whose wife, Nadia, represents the rest of Fremont on the board.

Lockyer apparently authored legislation to make the trail possible. He also donated millions to his wife’s successful campaign last year.

Richmond has come out against the name change. Fremont, to my knowledge, hasn’t considered it.

Matt Artz


  1. Sometimes you don’t have to editorialize. The megalomania speaks for itself. This is just gross.

    My grandfather made a wise point. After he donated massive amounts of time and likely larger piles of money to a home for the elderly, I asked if they were naming something after him. He said something along the lines of, “If you donate to get your name on the sign, it doesn’t count.”

  2. That’s nothing. Liz Figueroa was running out of Half Moon Bay and the Argus gave her a pass by not covering it.

  3. What was the bill number for the Bay Trail bill? I’m curious about the vote, assuming it was a puff piece of legislation that had wide-spread support.

    He should be commended for doing his job, that is legislating. But I’m getting the feeling that the average Joe who helped with trail building put in more blood, sweat and tears than Lockyer put in.

  4. I like the sound of the “Florence La Riviere Trail”. Man that sounds sophisticated and beautiful, a trek in the springtime about the floral east bay hills and across the creeks and rivers that intersect the redwood-shaded cathedric slopes that ring the western peninsula.

    Really, compare that to the “Bill Lockyer Trail”, where you can hit up Denny’s after a lame hike.

  5. …wait a minute, you are on to something:
    We can sell the naming rights!
    Possibly after one of the ten thousand fast food restaurants in Fremont:

    “The In-and-Out Trail”,
    “The Olive Garden?”
    “Taco Bell Grove”
    How about …the “Panda Express?”

    (I am lovin’ it!)

    Greatest Fremont Question:
    “How do you get to City Hall?”
    “Take Mowry and make a right at HOOTERS”

  6. …or instead you can take a walk on the Fremont Citizens Network trail to nowhere. See all the sights including a mess of 99¢stores, Asian buffets on every corner and yougart huts as far as the eye can see!

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