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From the cops:

When a burglar couldn’t squeeze through the roof of a liquor store at 42150 Blacow Road, he put a garbage bag over his head (with holes for his eyes) and entered through the front door. Surveillance video captured him rummaging through the business, but failing to take notice of $500 in cash that at one point was right next to him.

Police were called to The Hub where a man had exposed himself. The 23-year-old exhibitionist said he exposed his genitals because they were itchy, not for his own good time. The reporting party declined prosecution.

Police arrested one man for battery after about 20 people scuffled outside Mojo’s on Peralta.

From the wire:
Fremont man pleads guilty in cleaver attack

Santa Cruz fall victim had served time for Fremont Bank robbery.

Fremont landlord ordered to cleanup “uninhabitable” units

Feature on Kristi Yamaguchi

I know I’m late on this one, but:

Matt Artz


  1. If someone exposes himself to you, press charges! That “itchy” excuse is total BS. He’s just going to do it to someone else!

  2. The City of Fremont and Washington Hospital have joined forces to celebrate Earth Day at Washington West, 2500 Mowry Ave. (It’s the building attached to the hospital by an overhead walkway). It’s from 11 a.m. – 3 p.m

  3. #6 Welcome back Calguy…Did any FCN celebrities attend?

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