Chan proposes fewer council meetings

That Bill Marshak character at the Tri-City Voice must have some clout after all. Last month he wrote an editorial calling for fewer city council meetings.

I knew he was serious about it, because instead of saving his point for the final paragraph after about a dozen meandering analogies, he stated his case in the third-to-last-paragraph after just two paragraphs about springtime.

Well, count Councilmember Sue Chan as a believer. She is asking the City Council on Tuesday to consider scheduling only three council meetings per month.

Also, the council is expected Tuesday to approve grant funding to get rid of the 17 bicycle lockers at the BART Station and install 36 electronic bike lockers by the end of July

Matt Artz


  1. LOL –

    Marshak definately takes his time making his points.

    At the same time, however extravagant we each may feel his prose, he, at the very least reserves a preoponderance of *his* efforts to remain justifiably critical of local political (in)activity.

    Meanwhile, back on the farm, let’s discuss the merits of form over function, shall we ?

    Nice to have you back, Matt.

  2. Cutting down council meetings would be great for Dominic Dutra. I think he’s missed at least 4-5 of them since he got appointed.

  3. Chan really is in a big hurry to jump into bad ideas. Fremont, like every other municipality in the Bay, is faced with critical issues each needing critical decisions. If she wants fewer meetings there is one way she can accomplish that – either resign now or don’t run next time – problem solved.

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