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From the cops:

A drunk 19-year-old rambling man stole a security guard’s golf cart at The Hub and started driving it around the shopping center. When the security guard caught up to him, a fight ensued and the cops were called. Officers arrested the cart thief and and sent him for a blood test at Washington Hospital, where he became violent again and spit in an officer’s face.

A resident on the 39500 block of Blacow Road awoke to find someone with a flashlight trying to come inside. The would-be burglar ran off toward Coco Palm.

From the wire:
Fremont’s Little Madfish restaurant featured on Cheap Eats. This made me feel super cheap because I think a $41 tab for two is actually quite pricey.

From Assemblyman Wieckowski:
The assemblyman sent out a press release that one of his bills made it out of committee. It would require oil companies to disclose the chemicals used for an oil extraction process known as fracking. I just read about one-third (I’m never going to finish it) of a New Yorker article about oil in North Dakota where fracking was to get at oil. Wieckowski wrote that oil companies were eying similar deposits in northern and central California.

Matt Artz


  1. Those chemicals should be known by the government, for general public safety reasons but also for the safety of the people working with fracking materials.

    It still boggles my mind that Californians complain about an entire gallon of liquid pulled from miles below the earth, refined and purified and shipped to a station down the street costing 4 bucks.

  2. Fracking is an abominable process that causes irreparable harm to the areas it is put into use. Disgusting. Companies who tend to “over-wring the sponge” will be the ones you find using this procedure. Utter destruction to produce just slightly more oil/natgas…

  3. Re #1 Marty, you didn’t finish.

    …costing 4 bucks, while they are drinking a 16 ounce plastic bottle of water which they just paid $1.50 for as they fill the tank on their SUV.

  4. May I advocate the cheap and wonderful $8.00 sushi at the Irvington Farmer’s Market or the reasonably priced sushi at Akadai? — Vastly superior to either Mad Fish location.

  5. I think Mad Fish is over-priced even when they have their half off deal.

    I’m getting a Civic GX later this week, pity I can’t specify my CNG come from non-fracked wells. Of course, most of our electricity around here is from natural gas too, as well as our heating, so we’re all using it for something.

  6. T.Boone Pickins says that the Fracking process used to get at the natural gas stashed in shale is harmless.
    He’s wrong.
    Fracking is bad,
    and I think as of yet, unregulated.

  7. TI: I agree that fracking is not well regulated, the folks in PA are starting to fight back. I’m figuring CNG is still better than oil from over-seas, we can work on regulating the extraction process if it is done here in the States.

  8. As you all know Hydraulic fracturing for stimulation of oil was first used commercially by Halliburton in 1949. Swift boating was first used by Carl Rove and the RNC to narrowly defeat John Kerry in the Presidential election of 2004. The Fremont Citizen Network went on to Swift Boat professional baseball coming to Fremont in 2008. We were all made chumps of in 2008 and as a result Fremont has become a city that no reasonable developer is willing to invest in. Remember this my brothers and sisters when you vote in the next election.

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