Fremont News of the Day

fremont_news_linkFrom the cops:
Burglars broke into a home on the 39500 block of Gallaudet Drive and stole electronics, cash and jewelry.

A motorist driving a 1980s truck crashed into a parked car on the 3400 lock of Porter Street before quickly driving away.

A seven-year-old girl hit a Labrador retriever with a toy sword on Camden Avenue. The dog then bit her in the forearm, sending her to the hospital.

Meanwhile on the 3600 block of Eggers, a Shepherd mix bit a a 5 year-old child, tearing off part of the child’s ear. The dog’s owners alerted police to the incident before surrendering the dog for euthanasia.

From the wire:
Fremont Chinese restaurant named top local Chinese restaurant.

Matt Artz

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