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  1. Link to photos of Suspects in robbery/assault

    Community Message has been issued by the Fremont Police Department (CA).

    Friday April 29, 2011 2:48 PM PDT

    One in custody – Another identified in Niles robbery

    Fremont Police have arrested a suspect in the April 13th robbery of Don’s Antique Auto Parts, 37317 Niles Bl. A second suspect has been identified, however is still outstanding.

    Arrested: Pe’Air Durham, 20 yrs old, Fremont resident.

    Wanted: Hossain Hashemi Moghaddam, 33 yrs old, Fremont resident.

    For additional information:

    For full details, go to

    John W,

  2. Score one for the good guys. Good work Fremont PD. Thank you

  3. Why would anyone name their kid “Pe’Air”? That’s a really stupid name. Figures — he’s a stupid guy!

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