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I wrote a Fremont salary story with enough mind-numbing numbers to make you want to read about 100-year-old Hayward vet with cool tattoos. Look for that story in print tomorrow and the salary story in print next week.

Long story short, the furlough and the fire station closures this year took its toll. City salaries went down for just about everyone but cops. Their salaries increased just a bit.

Cops who worked about a full year made on average $141,410. When you factor in city costs for their pensions and health benefits, the average cop cost just over $190,000 last year

Cops were the only union not to agree to a furlough or a similar cut last year.

Firefighter salaries were down quite a bit, especially overtime, which is likely due to rotating station closures. Firefighters who worked about a full year in 2010 made an average of $146,197. The total cost of their employment when pension and health benefits are factored in was $198,983.

Overall, the city spent $93.6 million on salaries last year, down from $97,643 in 2009.

Matt Artz


  1. The Fremont Mayor and Councilmember’s have not done nearly enough to curtail Pensions or Health Care for life, nor are they likely to do so.
    Mayor Wasserman has been a Local Government bureaucrat for 50 years.
    He will do all He can do to protect civil servants from Pension and Healthcare reform.
    Other Cities in the Bay Area are scrambling to fix the pension problem before it is solved by Initiative.
    That is a way for the residence to take action, if local government does not.

  2. I agree with your “mind numbing” characterization, Matt – but, the *volume* of data you provide isn’t the issue since you actually deliver very few instances of data. Instead, it is the way you choose to deliver the data that makes this “mind numbing”. Put it another way, averages do a nice job of obfuscating.

    Which is unfortunate because there’s some useful data here if someone wanted to make these details approachable by Fremont taxpayers.

    For example – 143 employees cost the city $200k or more in 2010.

    And, there are a couple of pretty obvious questions which remain completely untouched. For example –

    What are the factors which are influencing markets for these same skills and how are they changing ?

    An employee who works sufficient OT to double (or nearly double) their gross take-home is working a LOAD of hours. . . . is this healthy ? Is it safe ?????

  3. #1 Calguy…No doubt policies championed by influential people have hurt us all. Bush and the Neo Con chose to invade Iraq and the FCN and their leaders killed professional baseball coming to Fremont. History has shown these to be colossal disasters that will take decades or even centuries to recover from.

  4. Charlie,

    The problem with your posts is that they’re boring, with the same old rants every time. This is a thread on the compensation of Fremont employees. It has nothing to do with Bush & Iraq or FCN & baseball stadiums. I’ve given up wasting time considering or replying to your non-facts & exaggerations, but have you ever considered staying on topic?

    Oh for the days of USENET readers and the ability to self-block posters…

  5. I miss USENET

    People chatted and listened and traded knowledge and understanding and even built (or lost) reputations based on ideas, thinking, and willingness to constructively contribute.

  6. Bbox,

    Usenet still exists. Forums provide a better interface. Methinks your memory has rose-colored lenses.

  7. Jon, methinks you never spent any time on the USENET circa mid ’90’s.

    It was a VERY different venue then anything you may have stumbled into recently.

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