More on Salaries

I wrote a Fremont salary story with enough mind-numbing numbers to make you want to read about 100-year-old Hayward vet with cool tattoos. Look for that story in print tomorrow and the salary story in print next week.

Long story short, the furlough and the fire station closures this year took its toll. City salaries went down for just about everyone but cops. Their salaries increased just a bit.

Cops who worked about a full year made on average $141,410. When you factor in city costs for their pensions and health benefits, the average cop cost just over $190,000 last year

Cops were the only union not to agree to a furlough or a similar cut last year.

Firefighter salaries were down quite a bit, especially overtime, which is likely due to rotating station closures. Firefighters who worked about a full year in 2010 made an average of $146,197. The total cost of their employment when pension and health benefits are factored in was $198,983.

Overall, the city spent $93.6 million on salaries last year, down from $97,643 in 2009.

Matt Artz