Chan proposes fewer council meetings

That Bill Marshak character at the Tri-City Voice must have some clout after all. Last month he wrote an editorial calling for fewer city council meetings.

I knew he was serious about it, because instead of saving his point for the final paragraph after about a dozen meandering analogies, he stated his case in the third-to-last-paragraph after just two paragraphs about springtime.

Well, count Councilmember Sue Chan as a believer. She is asking the City Council on Tuesday to consider scheduling only three council meetings per month.

Also, the council is expected Tuesday to approve grant funding to get rid of the 17 bicycle lockers at the BART Station and install 36 electronic bike lockers by the end of July


Fremont News of the Day

fremont_news_linkFrom the cops:

A perp at Cloverleaf bowl walked up to a kid and grabbed the phone and IPod out of his pockets. The kid called police and gave a description that sounded very familiar to the officer. Cops went to Ladner Street, where they found the familiar perp and the stolen goods.

From the Recreation Commission:
Below is the city’s new bike plan. If you read it (it’s long), you can send comments to rdalton@fremont.gov

bike plan

From the wire:
Extra! Extra! Read all about it! Fremont to incorporate 11 subareas in general plan!!! Somehow AP didn’t pick up this land use story.


Fremont News of the Day


From the cops:

When a burglar couldn’t squeeze through the roof of a liquor store at 42150 Blacow Road, he put a garbage bag over his head (with holes for his eyes) and entered through the front door. Surveillance video captured him rummaging through the business, but failing to take notice of $500 in cash that at one point was right next to him.

Police were called to The Hub where a man had exposed himself. The 23-year-old exhibitionist said he exposed his genitals because they were itchy, not for his own good time. The reporting party declined prosecution.

Police arrested one man for battery after about 20 people scuffled outside Mojo’s on Peralta.

From the wire:
Fremont man pleads guilty in cleaver attack

Santa Cruz fall victim had served time for Fremont Bank robbery.

Fremont landlord ordered to cleanup “uninhabitable” units

Feature on Kristi Yamaguchi

I know I’m late on this one, but:


No Nardolillo at Ohlone meeting

UPDATE: Turns out Nardolillo was at the meeting. He skipped the portion that was open to the public, but attended the closed door sessions, except for the closed door item that involved him, Ohlone officials said.

The first Ohlone College meeting since we wrote about Trustee Nick Nardolillo living in Livermore is underway. Nick is not there.


Niles mugging

UPDATE: A Niles person emailed me last week that Don returned to work with his left eye swollen shut, a splint on his finger and a bandage on his head. Apparently, he grabbed one of the perps and pulled him to the floor, before the former paratrooper got beat down and shot in the face with some sort of BB gun.


Just told that Don at Don’s Antique Auto Parts got mugged inside his store on Niles Boulevard today. Apparently his face got bloodied, but he’ll be alright.


Fremont teachers to protest

The Fremont teachers’ union is protesting at 6 p.m. tonight outside City Hall, where at 7 p.m. the school board will begin a meeting that almost assuredly will last three hours longer than it needs to.

The teachers’ union is upset about proposed cuts given that the district has a healthy reserve. They also note that they have taken 11 furlough unpaid furlough days over the past two years.

That’s nothing. I’ll have done 15 in two years by the middle of next week.

I should probably note that the union has a no-layoff clause in its contract. I shouldn’t note this, but will anyway: A three-member majority of the school board would probably be scandalized if their 25-year-old child saw a PG-13 movie.


The Bill Lockyer Trail?


UPDATE: Here’s the story about Richmond’s vote.

This is one of those where I have to count to 10 and repeat “I shall not editorialize, I shall not editorialize” before writing.

Scott Haggerty, who represents most of Fremont on the Alameda County Board of Supervisors, is pushing to name the Bay Trail, which goes through the Tri-City area, after State Treasuer Bill Lockyer, whose wife, Nadia, represents the rest of Fremont on the board.

Lockyer apparently authored legislation to make the trail possible. He also donated millions to his wife’s successful campaign last year.

Richmond has come out against the name change. Fremont, to my knowledge, hasn’t considered it.


Fremont News of the Day

fremontFrom the cops:
A Fremont officer stopped a speeder around Quema Drive and learned that he was wanted out of Berkeley.

A family whose members have restraining orders against each other got into it outside the Fremont Hall of Justice. Police documented the dispute and forwarded it on to the DA.

From Newark:
The owners of Masala Grill in Fremont are opening a new restaurant tomorrow in Newark in the shopping center adjacent to Newark Memorial High School. It’ll be called Amma’s Restaurant, and it’s replacing Udupi Palace.

From the Fremont City Council:
I caught the last five minutes of last night’s meeting. The council once again approved putting the skate park next to the water park. Should be ready to roll in late summer 2012, although neighbors might file another lawsuit.

From me:
Unless something breaks today, this is the last blog post for a little while. I’m on furlough starting tonight through next Wednesday.


Fremont News of late Monday

fremont_news_linkFrom the cops:
A 22-year-old took the sharp edge of stake knife and jabbed it into someone’s neck at the Centerville Community Center. The victim was treated for a non life-threatening 3 to 4-inch gash. The stabber was last seen running toward Paseo Padre Parkway.

Responding to a call of a man with a handgun around Everglades Park Drive, officers chase down four folks near a canal. Three are 13 year olds and the handgun was a pellet gun.

It’s been awhile, but a 7-11 (Farwell and Stevenson) got robbed of money and lottery tickets over the weekend.

A man walked in to the El Camino Bar in Niles with a decent complexion. A few beer bottles to the face later, he wasn’t looking so hot. The guys who smashed in his face fled in a red or gray Honda.

From the wire:
This NY Times story contrasts Fremont’s declining white population with Brentwood’s increasing white population. Maybe that second Applebees was too little, too late.

Looks like Fremont has reduced development fees enough for construction to begin on a “downtown” apartment complex.