Fremont News of the Day

From the cops:

A section of Pacific Commons was shut down Sunday night after a 26-year-old man wearing all black gave police reason to think he might have explosives in his truck that was parked outside Jamba Juice. The man was eating at Market Broiler when he told a waitress that it might be his last meal and left what appeared to be a bible on his table.

Also on Sunday, cops responded to a reported scuffle outside The Florence in Niles. Seems a drunk got mad when patrons took away his car or motorcycle keys. Cops arrested him for being drunk in public.

On Condon Court, police arrested a man for jumping on someone’s vehicle. Once apprehended, the man kicked in a patrol car for good measure.

On Saturday, the Niles Merchants Association’s Historic Train Car was burglarized.

Also on Saturday, two armed hoodies in a white mini van made a man give up his wallet and cell phone in the area of Cabrillo and Balboa.

Two women, who had just gotten off work at Perfect Day Spa on Friday were met outside the spa by a short, skinny gunman, who relieved them of some cash.

Matt Artz