Indians outnumber Chinese in Fremont

Here’s the 2010 Census results:

Indians – 38,711 – 18.1 percent of Fremont’s population
Chinese –38,118 — 17.8 percent of Fremont’s population

Here is the breakdown from the 2000 Census
Chinese – 29,240 — 14.4 percent of Fremont’s population
Indian — 20,742 — 10.2 percent of Fremont’s population

Than means Fremont’s Indian population has nearly doubled in the last 10 years. It also means that Fremont has the second most Indo-Americans in the state after San Jose and the second highest percentage of Indo-Americans after Cupertino.

And it means that Joel is the winner of the contest. Let me know if you want the mug or a treat by emailing me at  martz@bayareanewsgroup.com

Here are more stats from the Census Bureau followed by a couple of spreadsheets we put together:

Total pop: 214,089
One Race: 201, 505
White: 70,505 — 32.8 percent
Black: 7,103  — 3.3 percent
Asian: 108,332 — 50.6 percent
Indian: 38,711  — 18.1 percent
Chinese: 38,118  — 17.8 percent
Filipino: 14,285  — 6.7 percent
White and Asian: 5,626  –2.6 percent
Race alone or in comination of some othe race
White: 80,195  — 37.5 percent
Asian: 116,755 — 54.5 percent
Hispanic or Latino: 31,698 14.8 percent

Copy of Indian by total population

Copy of Indian by percentage

Matt Artz

  • worble

    Chimmoy Roy you are waisting your time when it comes to the two stooges “Marty” “Charlie” These two clowns can’t see past the smoke of there bongs. They are master baiters and will suck you in like a Dyson vacume. HAHA

  • charlie C

    So Worble who would be your choice stooge #3? Would it be Joe, Curly Joe, Vinnie Bacon or Kathy (Choo Choo) McDonald? We all know it’s a requirement that before you becoming an FCN member you must first be a certifiable stooge.
    So I say….c’mon people now…
    assimilate my brothers,
    everybody adopt this countries mores…
    try to love one another right now…
    By the way DanO… you got extended till October 21st until the little green men come to take you home!

  • charlie C

    Last year, Indian cricket player, Harbhajan Singh was punished with a ban after calling Australian black all-rounder, Andrew Symonds a “monkey.”
    WHAT SAY you Chinmoy ???

  • Indian guy

    wow! so many inaccuracies in this blog. First of all not all indians are from IIt and CEO types :) . The indians living in fremont (other than the exclusive mission ones) are mostly fob types and live segregated. Indians in peninsula, sf are much more sophisticated types with higher pays. Fremont as a city is looked down upon by these peninsula types same as the exclusive palo alto white people who think low of their own types living in fremont

    Indians in india do kill girl babies, torture wives etc much more than average Americans. Thats a fact. America is the best free country in the world period. I say this as a first generation indian living in fremont.

    Having said that India is a great country (much much better than mid east crazies) and improving day by day. Increasingly more Indians in India look for inspiration from America and think positively about the country. In fact George Bush is more popular in India than in America.

  • Chinmoy Roy

    Charlie, you continue to speak non sense. How old are you? You speak like a kid. “My marbles and your marbles.” I am not talking about that. I am talking about racism. It does not matter who says what. It is what is being said. If you think you are justified in stirring up racism just because others are, then that is not what I am here to debate. Your line is that of a second grader and that is why Ii wonder if you are old enough to understand the issue.

    Enough of your non sense. This is the only and my last reply to you. You have no place here. You mighte as well go and live with Harbhajan Singh, whoever he may be.

  • Dan Ondrasek


    Ahhh, that’s sweet.
    By little green men, you mean the Oakland A’s?

  • Dan Ondrasek


    I meant #52

    I am sorry lil’ buddy, it might be too soon for A’s humor

  • http://fcnisbacon.wordpress.com/2010/11/03/parting-gifts-for-election-losers/ Marty

    Chinmoy #55, I think I can speak for many when I say I am glad this is your last reply.

    In this thread, you have lobbed the word racism into the debate with no reprehension. Devolved your pride in your homeland into arguing it’s world dominance. You have stated your unequivocal loyalty to India, and instead of standing up for that idea you fabricate some pseudo-intellectual concept of what the word “we” means to you.

    You pity Jen for the reality of a racial double standard, then spend the next half dozen posts proving her theory right with your own petty quips and manufactured racial charges.

    When cornered, you attempt to frame the issue as a partisan one, where you stand on the side of righteousness, and everyone else is a “Birther”. When the reality sets in that the majority of your detractors are Democrats, you revert to straw manning Charlie.

    You cant win on your own volition because you are simply wrong.

    So, good riddance my friend. Spend some time reflecting on the fact that you have no moral code.

  • charlie C

    #55…The scurrilous accusations of Chinmoy Roy are sadly comical. Unfortunately CRoy has no sense of humor. He’s never going enjoy the good laugh (nyuck, nyuck, nyuck) we’ve been having at his expense. When Chinmoy calls people he disagrees with the R-word he is simply trying to cut off debate. Glad to hear CR has called it quits…now let’s play ball!

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    Whoa Charlie tuna fish on. See Chinmoy Roy it’s easy all you need is the right bait and one of the two stooges will bite.

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