Torrico could lose state job

The governor is considering doing away with state board stacked with former legislators making more than 128k per year.

SacBee has the story.

Matt Artz

  • West

    Good For Jerry, clean out all the termed out politicians from all boards, commissions, etc.
    No welfare, for termed out politicians

  • Chinmoy Roy

    West, I held a “blanket” opinion similar to yours. I had some earlier posts where I advocated that these Boards be eliminated. I did so until such time when I requested Torrico to grant me a visit to his office to see for myself, what is it he does on the Board. He was kind to grant me an hour (He did stick to the clock). He painstakingly demonstrated (on his laptop) what his role was as a Board member. I came away convinced that his role on the Board (and I am sure of other Board members also) save us lots of money and also enables administration of justice in a timely manner. Our court systems are overloaded and if unemployment appeals have to go through the regular process of the courts it would take extremely long. And when it comes to unemployment benefits, it cannot wait that long. The Board members review the unemployment insurance cases, use their legal background to provide a legal brief for the assigned judge to disposition the case expeditiously. Obviously, the Board members should have a legal background, have a good knowledge of the legal and political systems, which Torrico obviously does.

    I hope that in the zeal to balance the budget, we do not end up cutting items which are actually providing value for taxpayers’ dollars such as this one.

    Frustrating to see the Dems and Repubs bicker like second graders so much so that when we should be taking pride as a nation to have liquidated Osama Bin Laden, we remain engaged in partisan bickering on who should get the credit. What a non sense this nation has generated to. Sacramento needs to cut this partisan bickering and look for “real” areas where expenses need to be cut.

  • http://fcnisbacon.wordpress.com/2010/11/03/parting-gifts-for-election-losers/ Marty

    I couldn’t be happier that Torrico will be out of a job.

    Chinmoy, you’re fully aware that in most arenas, someone who demands $128K/year has very specialized knowledge and is subjected to a thorough interviewing process before being hired.

    Members of these boards are far from the most talented, and they are not interviewed. They are simply the most connected. If these positions are truly essential, then open them up to an interview process. Perhaps Torrico could win a position on his own merit.

    I lieu of that process, this symbolic gesture is an important one — that the little tax payer money available will not be spent on favors for termed out politicians.

  • Chinmoy Roy

    Marty, you need to go out there and see things for yourself. 128K/year is not comparable to the hours that these folks have to put in. And yes, Torrico, in my opinion is very well qualified for this one since he is not just a lawyer, but he is a labor lawyer who has a lot of experience with EEOC cases. Just to point out again, like you, I came to this blog and spoke against the Board, the appointments and even Torrico, early on.

    There is work done in the Govt. some do. Or else we wold not have taken down Osama in 2 1/2 years of Obama assuming the Presidency. GOVT DOES WORK. It is the people who come into Govt from time to time who do not work that gives Govt. the bad name.

  • http://fcnisbacon.wordpress.com/ Marty

    Chinmoy, 128K is par for a highly skilled and degreed technical worker — engineer, staff scientist, etc — all who work 60+ hours/week.

    It’s suspect why you’d defend this with so much vigor. Why am I am getting a feeling that your involvement in local politics coupled with your poor result at the polls has created a simmering interest in a 6 figure appointment for Chinmoy.

    BTW, The CIA had been following bin Ladens compound since 2007. The operation was far from beginning with Obama. Thankfully we don’t have Democratic operatives writing history.

  • Chinmoy Roy

    Marty, you speak nonsense. What six figure salary for me you are talking about and what polls? We are talking about Torrico and his six figure salary. Not mine. And he had poor results at the polls!!!

    And regarding the CIA, they have been following the compound since August 2010. Bush said he gave up on Bin Laden. It was Obama who mentioned Pakistan by name during his campaign. So when he took office, he removed the CIA chief, brought in Panetta and refocused the CIA. Bush’s CIA was the Saddam and WMD CIA. They didn’t care much about hunting down Bin Laden.

  • http://fcnisbacon.wordpress.com/ Marty

    Chinmoy, you are greatly mistaken. This is a first for me, as there has not been one single person, media figure or elected Democrat of even the most partisan delusion who has stated that the CIA had been following the compound only on Obama’s watch, let alone since August 2010.

    Coupled with your borderline racist comments in in the previous thread, your credibility and character is in question. You should seriously consider an alias when projecting such asinine concepts.

  • Chinmoy Roy

    How many drone attacks in Pakistan did you hear when Bush was in power? We heard a lot of Blackwater and Halliburton in Iraq during those days. But we heard nothing much about Afghanistan and the border areas of Pakistan. We heard a lot about torture during those days but we didn’t hear about Osama.

    How many drone attacks have been there during the Bush years and during the Obama years? Why are the figures so skewed against Bush if he was actively pursuing Osama? See the figures for yourself.

    And why do I have to use false names when what I post are from facts and not from political rhetoric. And since when calling out “the racists” considered a racist comment? Calling out those folks who are fine with bumper stickers which say “Proud to be Irish” but object too those who proclaim “Proud to be Indian” or “Proud to be Chinese/Asian.” Think about it.