Newark Mayor Dave Smith won’t run for re-election


We’ve got our entire staff covering every angle of Dave Smith’s impending departure. And I think we came up with the origin of Smith’s favorite catchphrase: Yowza, Yowza Yowza!!!!
This was the Billboard #6 song in the nation in March, 1978 when Smith was first elected. Newark clique members will here something familiar at the 1-minute mark.

And if you don’t think this is how “Yowza” began in Newark, explain why Smith himself makes an appearance at the 1:49 mark of the video.

Smith just texted us that he is in fact not running for re-election this November. If memory serves he’s the second-longest tenured mayor in the nation. I think he’s served 16 consecutive terms.

Anyway we’ll have a story online tomorrow and in Friday’s paper.

Matt Artz

  • West


  • http://fcnisbacon.wordpress.com/2010/11/03/parting-gifts-for-election-losers/ Marty

    Here’s a link to Great Schools ratings for Newark, CA.

    Essentially every school in Newark is a 3-4 out of 10.

    Bang up Job, Smith. Good Riddance.

  • Robert

    Marty, school rankings are a reflection of the community values of that area and socio-economic status. City council can’t change that. As a right wing nut, you should be the first to understand that.

    If Newark wants to improve schools, it needs to become as inclusive and welcoming as Fremont. Newark needs to break out of the “good ol boys club” mentality.

  • MikeTeeVee

    Marty, you understand that the city government and the school district are separate entities, right?

  • Jen


    How is Newark not inclusive? Perhaps it doesn’t attract those higher on the socio-economic scale for other reasons than a “good ol boys club”. Most of the “good ol boys” that I know from Newark have either died or moved away, so I’m not sure that that is a factor in the poorly rated schools. As you mentioned, the community surrounding the school needs to be one that emphasizes education and upward mobility.

  • I’m jus’ sayin’

    Where do you live West?

  • http://fcnisbacon.wordpress.com/2010/11/03/parting-gifts-for-election-losers/ Marty

    Robert, you have no idea what a “right wing nut” is. In Alameda county, it’s one whose politics is right of Pete Stark — and I’m guilty as charged.

    Marty, you understand that the city government and the school district are separate entities, right?

    MTv, We’re not talking about a short stay at the helm, like Newsom. Smith has been mayor for 44 years. His influence is shellacked over every tentacle of the city. It’s his town, his s**ty town.

  • Robert

    “In Alameda county, it’s one whose politics is right of Pete Stark — and I’m guilty as charged.”
    I would say almost everyone is to the right of Pete Stark. Fremont is still a pretty conservative town compared to rest of Alameda county.

  • Margaret

    Newark, like other cities, pushes hard for housing and other development to the detriment of schools. Cities do not have to take into consideration schools when new development is added. The schools are supposed to play catch-up. Witness the current Draft EIR for Area 2 where around 2,500 housing units are proposed. Is land available for a school? No, the site is too contaminated and can’t be cleaned to meet school standards. Will potential residents drive children to schools nearby? Not too likely because the city wants to discourage automobile use and encourage walking and biking.

    So although school districts and city government are two different entities often they don’t work together or even talk to each other. That has been a problem in Newark for a long time and elected officials have done little to remedy it.

  • MikeTeeVee

    Margaret, that may all be true, but there’s no way you could have inferred all of that from comment #2, which was only about one website’s school ratings.

    Heck, what he wrote isn’t even true. There’s a pretty even distribution from 3 through 7.

  • Robert

    I think Dave Smith has done a decent job. He can’t be held accountable for the schools.

  • Kathy

    Marty, I followed your link and the ratings are out of five, not ten. Most schools get four stars, actually, and these are on postings by parents. Having had my daughter go through the Newark schools, I will say that the education is there for the taking, and she did. Some students don’t, and from my observations this has a lot to do with their parents’ attitude toward school. When I see a parent trying to make teachers responsible for their children not doing homework, I see someone who doesn’t realize what their job is.

  • Kathy

    When the city initially began talking about the housing development and getting rid of the old auto wrecking yard (which they did), they were speaking of building high end housing, which they felt the city lacked, and a golf course… this out closer to the bay. We used to have a golf course out by the baylands close to the bridge, and it was hard to keep it up on the flatlands near the bay… too salty. Plus building large expensive houses in the area around Central out by the bay, well, not only is there cleanup from having a wrecking yard but the closer you are to the bay the more subject you are to liquifaction in an earthquake, and flooding in years of heavy rainfall… not to mention rising seas. We have occasionally had too much water for the drains to handle near Cedar and Thornton, and I once came out of a store that is now Big Lots and found my car was standing in a small lake six inces or so deep I had to wade through. There have been other developments in the city that could have been more upscale, but weren’t, like the townhouses and condos down by the high school. I’m not against upscale housing at all, but we need to take care of the nice areas we have now, and work on those that need redevelopment. Some of the cheaper housing was built without a thought of what it would be like in twenty, much less fifty, years.

  • Margaret

    Pick N Pull is still in business; at the west end of Mowry and across the tracks. They are the only auto dismantlers left in town. There are no large expensive homes proposed for the area of Central, Willow and Thornton. Plans call for high density and medium high density with a few single detached units. Former chemical plants with soil and groundwater contamination. Cleanup is being done for future industrial use. Cleanup is not being done for residential use. Proposed traffic mitigation suggests using eminent domain to widen certain intersections. All this and more on the city’s web site.