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bestinfremontThe Fremont Bulletin recently listed its “Best of Fremont,” which also could be named “Pick a Chain Restaurant out of a Hat.”

Chain store victories included:

Best Bagel: Noah’s (It should have been P.J.’s)
Best Burrito: Chipotle (It should have been any place that actually uses Spanish rice)
Best Coffee: Starbucks (It should have been Mission)
Best Italian Food: Olive Garden (It should have been something else)

This is even more troubling than the national chain store victories:
Best Sunday Brunch: Hometown Buffet (I would rather be fed intravenously than eat there)

These were just puzzling:
Best Thing to Happen in 2010-2011: Opening of Aqua Adventure Waterpark (It opened in 2009)
Best Middle Eastern Restaurant: Salang Pass (Afghanistan is in Central Asia, not the Middle East. One of the runners-up was Shalimar; India is in South Asia.)

For the complete list of winners, click here

Matt Artz


  1. Matt, It has nothing to do with what is “The Best”it is who generates the most votes. I have seen so, so dinning places win.
    It has nothing to do with the best, it is where the herds of Lemmings go!

  2. I received my copy in the Argus Newspaper and on the cover it said this was presented by The Argus Newspaper. The winner certificate on the wall of our business also reads that this is a Argus Newspaper award. But it seems like what you’re saying here is that The Argus doesn’t have anything to do with it? What gives?

  3. Yep, the “Best Veterinarian” is one that has racked up all of one star on Yelp and is obviously using paid fake reviewers to try to improve its rating. Fix fix fix.

    It is alarming, though, that people in Fremont seem to have such bad taste. And that Sweet Tomatoes ranked in the “Vegetarian” category is just ridiculous.

  4. It’s more of a list of chains with locations in the area. Many of these aren’t located in Fremont.

    I think it says a lot about the business environment in Fremont when a city with a population of over 200,000 people either can’t field entrants for some of these categories at all, or is completely dominated by chains (with no small businesses in that sector).

  5. In all seriousness, Taqueria Las Palmas by Kimber Park makes a pretty decent burrito. They actually seem to season their rice and beans and the carne asada doesn’t remind me of that scene in “Uncle Buck” about “all that’s left is fat and gristle…”

  6. Best Burrito: I would also cast a vote for the taco truck in Irvington near the post office (formerly La Pearla, nka ??).

  7. I have just checked the San Leandro Newspaper, by the Contra Costa Times, it is called the Argus.
    It is supposed to be a local newspaper, it is NOT.
    I just checked the Argus restaurant reviews, NONE LISTED FOR FREMONT.
    The Bay Area news Group is in the biz to make money, not produce a quality newspaper.
    Some say that the newspaper industry is dying; I think they are committing suicide.
    Where do we go for local news, restaurants, entertainment??
    The “Best Of” is just a advertising ploy, it has nothing to do with quality

  8. West, sit down before you read this.

    …the endorsements in Sunday’s [Argus] were made by some MediaNews (our parent company) employee, who doesn’t work in Fremont and didn’t interview any of the candidates.

  9. So, I asked my ad rep yesterday for clarification and was told Fremont Bulletin is a San Jose Mercury news product from San Jose and Argus is a Contra Costa Times product from Walnut Creek, both companies operate separate newsrooms and advertising sales departments. Bulletin conducted the ‘Best’ survey and Argus sold the advertising and also distributed it in their newspaper.

    I don’t give a pucky about Bulletin, but their news reminds me of what Argus used to be. As a longtime Fremont resident, It’s upsetting to watch our Fremont Argus degrade itself year over year, having to relocate from the nice digs on Decoto, to the location across from Central Park to a Centerville strip mall. It’s a sign of the times.

    Newspapers are damaged in the same way that Amazon and the iPad damaged our brick-and-mortar bookstore choices. (Best bookstore, half-price books. Really?). I want to think that The Argus would make the decision to be more locally targeted (and affordable to advertise in) rather than regionally distributed, but I assume that a decision like that is probably made by some advertising executive at The Bay Area Group, or its shareholders, not by the editors or publisher of The Argus.

    Please correct me if I was wrong or given any misinformation. Thank you.

    [cough, cough … best … coffee … Suju’s … cough]

  10. All part of the globalization/corporatization process that seems to have overwhelmed us. To resist may be futile.

  11. Fremont Bulletin has been doing a really good job of covering local stories, esp city council meetings.

  12. “Where is the best burrito?”

    Since the poll included Newark and Union City, my vote is for Taqueria Los Gallos in Newark.

  13. I’d be much obliged if What Gives could let me know the name and location of the bookstore(s) that is better than half-price books!

    And while it may not be fancy, I agree with Andrew C. that the burrito from the taco truck by the CarWash on Irvington ave. does rank for another reason.


  14. Well, that’s the problem. There ARE no other bookstores in Fremont/Newark/Union City since B&N and Borders (both of them) closed up shop.

  15. THIS JUST IN!!!

    The Best of Fremont…

    exists somewhere else.

    Most asked question from friends and family, “Where’s the best place to get a decent bite to eat in this city?”

    Most common answer given, “In this city.. umm?”

  16. #17…SPOT ON!!
    Anyone who might have ever wanted to open a GOOD (non chain) RESTAURANT in Fremont have been chased away by groups like the Fremont Citizens Network who killed the ballpark project along with any hopes of upscale stores, markets or restaurants EVER coming here. Thanks to the FCN Fremont is doomed!

  17. A shout-out! to Dina’s from the over-70 crowd in Irvington.

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