Fremont still wants union concessions

The previous two blog posts came out of the city’s budget press briefing earlier today.

Long story, short, the city has an $8 million shortfall. It wants about $5.2 million in savings either from its employees or some sort of efficiency measures.

The rest would come from the budget reserve, so no projected service or staffing cuts.

Last year’s one-week furlough saved $1.8 million, so they’re looking for nearly 3 x’s that in 2011-12. City officials have made it clear they want future employees to receive lower pension benefits. They weren’t saying what other types of concessions they’re expecting to see.

I’m seeing some purple SEIU shirts here at City Hall.

Matt Artz


  1. The Fremont Mayor and Councilmember’s have not done nearly enough to curtail Pensions or Health Care for life, nor are they likely to do so.
    Mayor Wasserman has been a Local Government bureaucrat for 50 years.
    He will do all He can do to protect civil servants from Pension and Healthcare reform.
    Other Cities in the Bay Area are scrambling to fix the pension problem before it is solved by Initiative.
    That is a way for the residence to take action, if local government does not.

    What is the amount of Mayor Wassermans Pension?????

  2. Fremont employees only had 7 unpaid days off last year. They should have had the same number as state workers;36 unpaid days. I never noticed the 7 days a year missing Fremont employees and doubt I would notice them gone 36 day. Cut their pay and quit asking the Fremont taxpayer for a bailout of a problem created by the unions and council.

  3. Monthly Annual WASSERMAN, ROBERT $9,832.68 $117,992.16 FREMONT

  4. Mayor Wassermans pension is $9,833 per month, $117993 Annual

    Sorry about the confusing 1st entry…….

  5. Interesting article that identifies the major contributing elements that lead up to municipal bankruptcy for the City of Stockton.

    “Officially, Stockton cannot pay its bills. But that’s the symptom not the cause . . . .”

    As I read on, I couldn’t help but wonder where our city resides on the continuum of relative financial health. There is no arguing that we’ve cut services, slowed hiring, reduced some headcount (not the same as increasing efficiency BTW) and we’re constantly telling citizens how broke we are.

    What is interesting is, as I read about Stocktons situation, I felt a sense of deja vu. . . ..

    “…it borrowed to fund a new city hall, an events center and arena, housing projects, parking garages, …….., a fire station, a police communications center ….”

    Fremont Council members were unable to organize the support of business and community leaders necessary to implement a much beloved stadium plan (F-mont’s version of an “arena”), but, Anu and Bill and Susan were certainly ready to plunk down loads of redevelopment funds if and when the opportunity arose.

    Come November, I’m also certain that Anu, Bill and Susan will remind you of their individual contributions and results – some of which will include some items virtually identical to those found on the list above.

    BUT – – – and here’s the point, these “accomplishments” were, for the city of Stockton, sited as elements contributing to the failure of this municipality.

    And, wait, there’s more that we should be concerned about.

    Because ALSO on the authors list of problems which have plagued the city of Stockton are these two minor little tidbits – – – –

    Retiree health care.

    And, my question for Susan, Bill and Anu is – “How do concessions achieved by this council compare to those being realized in other California municipalities?”

    Folks, every city in California is struggling to come to terms with these issues. By contrast, Fremont has touched the tip of the iceberg. We have a long ways to go and neither Anu, nor Bill, nor Susan have assumed a leadership position on these economic time bombs.


  6. Read it and weep…Bacons *NOT* the cure. Go Dutra!

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