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Catellus and the Pacific Commons folks deserve credit for hosting the best ground-breaking ever. Lots of food and almost no self-congratulatory yammering.

Here’s a video of Fremont’s future new Century Theaters movie theater and adjoining development. The theater should open next spring.

Matt Artz


  1. Marty and Charlie CHOO CHOO. Don’t worry Marty you can’t see the rail yard from Niles so it won’t even matter to you. AGAIN YAY NO BALLPARK IN FREMONT!!! There you you go more glee gosh I just can’t help myself.

  2. Well at least we do not live in Newark. What a mess Mayor Smith is leaving.

  3. Charlie is soo funny. If you look at his posts, he must have made a pact to remind us about the ballpark and diss the citizens group that supported it every single opportunity, no matter how dead the issue has become. Honestly, Matt could post the results of the local spelling bee and Charlie would find a way to tie it to the failed park and the long inactive FCN. In fact, I think there’s a cactus story that needs a ballpark comment right now!

    Charlie, Charlie, Charlie. No one cares anymore. Really.

  4. There is so much talk here about city council to do something to bring high end retail. I think its all market driven. If high end retail thought Fremont was a good bet, then they would be line waiting to get into Fremont. Its not happening, because Fremont does not have the market for high end. Plain and simple. Fremont has market for Tapioca’s and fast food chains, big box retailers. Lets not do something stupid to kick out the businesses that we deserve. Other cities are faring much worse. Lets be realistic. Fremont is a safe bedroom community which is relatively safe, quiet, and boring yes. Perfect place to raise families, and that is its USP.

  5. There’s no need to be upset. Let’s call The Block exactly what it is, Fremont’s version of Union Landing. I also bet the tenant mix at The Block will be very similar as every strip center “must” include a Starbucks, nail salon, dry cleaner, Quizno’s/Subway, chiropractor, and dentist.

    Why would a high end retailer want to open up in Fremont? It is evident every weekend in the luxury car filled parking lot of Costco that people wouldn’t value that caliber of retailer because they can already buy semi-luxury items (think watches, jewelry, etc.) below msrp there and at Nordstrom Rack?

    I’ve said this for years but it never gets traction, Fremont needs to attract and encourage companies so that they can hire upper level jobs, I’m sorry, you can’t sustain a household by working part time at Target.

  6. Voltage, put yourself in a CEO’s shoes. I have vacant lots all over peninsula, why the heck would I want to put my company in Fremont? why? why… If Steve Jobs had announced that the new Apple building will be in Fremont, employees would have quit! why? why?

    Don’t get me wrong. Fremont is ok as a city, better than Union city, Newark, Hayward where there is a crime problem. But Fremont is no Palo Alto either. USP for Fremont is that it is a safe, boring, diverse city with excellent schools.

    Fremont’s problem is not household income which is pretty high last time I checked. Its the demographics. Asian FOBs are cheap by nature, they have the money but they will not spend it. And we have more than 50% of the people of that type. Pros and Cons to this, but this is how it is. Cannot be changed..

  7. Hey Andy.

    Let’s pretend – for a moment – that you are right and that it is the Asian contingent that wont part with a buck that is holding us back. So, following on to your reasoning, let’s completey wipe off the demographic map the entire Asian contingency in F-mont.

    Which NOW means that F-mont is a city of a little over 100,000 who are looking for something higher end than another nail salon or big box store.

    Now – why is it that a city of 100,000 can’t attract higher end amenities (retail, groceries, and restaraunts) ?

    It isn’t the demographics of our city, Andy.

    It’s our leadership (or lack of same).

  8. Bbox #58
    Finally someone has figured it out!
    “It’s our leadership (or lack of same).”

    We have a complete lack of leadership. Our local political leaders are conmpletly without backbone. There favorite thing is to see what others are doing. Fremont has not shown any leadershp under Mayor Wassermans watch.
    The other problem is the strangle hold that some political organizations have on the political process.
    If you atre not on the old boys list, you will not get elected, check the l;ast couple of elections. Only Candidates blessed by the Local Democratic Org. This is not a healthy or competitive situation.
    The people of Fremont should pick there leaders not the developer controlled Fremont Democratic Org.
    Do not blame Fremonts lack of leadership has nothing to do with Fremonts mix of ethnic groups, this has been a problem for years.
    We need a Strong Mayor type of City Government. The present type of city government is simply not working, for the residents of Fremont

  9. Box #58 if you take Asians out of the Fremont population median income plummets.

  10. Was there a referenceable source for the claim in #60 or was this just an opinion ? That the average income changes with ethnicity is a certainty. Even that it “plummets”, to use your selection of adjectives, might just fall in the category of generally accepted tribal lore.

    But – all of that, while interesting is kinda irrelevant – depending, that is, on what your purpose here is.

    An excellent question would be what the median income is for non-asian Fremont households.

  11. Let me translate Mr. Box’s post for our occasional readers:

    “Though you’re probably 100% correct, you’re going to need a reference when contradicting me.”

  12. Of course, the non-occasional readers need no clarification, they’re familiar with your antics.

    P.S. – re the original question – – didn’t think so.

  13. #53…La, La, Linda, don’t give up, u could b funny 2. I wood like to challange u 2 a spellin b or may ostyer eating contest cause i heard u can relly suc em down. O bye the ways isn’t it time 4 u 2 git a cents of humor? Really!

  14. LMAO – –

    Great example of what Marty considers “thinking”.

    Let’s take an “overall” and nationwide generalization and make the leap that average Fremont household incomes “plummet” if excluded . . . . that was, after all Marty’s original point.

    Sorry Marty. But you have not a clue whether eliminating Asian incomes from F-mont averages reduces by 1, 10 or 100 percent – that statistical average for Fremont as a whole.

    But, please keep on guessin’ and generalizin’ – you’ll be right at home with our Council members ! I’m certain *they* appreciate your support !

  15. Box, how is it that you lose control so quick? All I did was state an opinion, and you fly off the handle demanding references while wearing out your period key.

    Asians are earners. The census data support this. Mission High School demographics reflect this. It’s a pretty reasonable claim. Open your eyes, take a deep breath, and try to have a good weekend.

  16. Marty – no one flying off the handle here – not sure what the basis is for that nonesense.

    But, at least you’re being consistantly inconsistant – – – as you still haven’t made clear what the factual basis was for your original claim that “…median income plummets” –

    COME ON MARTY – – please tell us you have ANY modicum of factual basis for your original opinion.

    If not, stick with the personalized redirect. It’ll at least keep Charlie entertained.

  17. I hope they invite nicer restaurants , yard house, cheesecake factory, and hope to have pedestrian walk, they should look at how south-cal’s other malls are design. There is no reason bay area’s shopping mall is so ugly.

  18. #70 – –

    According to Charlie and his reasoning, there can be no “nice” restaurants in any cities that do not also have a stadee-umm.

    Similarly, according to Charlie and his reasoning, a given city cannot qualify as a “destination city” if it does not include a stadee-umm in its boundaries.

    These are wonderful examples of the thinking processes and reasoning skills of individuals who are supporters of a stadee-umm.

  19. The Fremont Citizens network saved us from a ghetto like the Oakland Coliseum, Charlie, why not move to Oakland or Santa Clara.
    Someone that is so obsessed with the Citizens Network and Bacon. Should seek medical help.
    And finally we are sick of hearing your redneck slanted views.

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