Cricket fields for Fremont

Fremont has identified a 40-acre parcel near Pacific Commons as the site of a long-awaited cricket field.

Back when the A’s were coming to town, the city envision the land as a train station and parking lot for people heading to the games.

But now that the former stadium site is going to be The Block, the city is moving forward with plans to use most or possibly all of the 40-acre site at the southwesterly terminus of Auto Mall Parkway to “address a long standing need to provide cricket fields and additional soccer fields for Fremont residents,” according to a city report.

The report also noted the park could include tennis courts, basketball courts, skating facilities, a football field and an bicycle racing and training area. The city also hasn’t given up on a train station.

The city’s Recreation Commission will consider on Wednesday the city’s plan to purchase the parcel from its redevelopment agency for $4.3 million.

Matt Artz


  1. I don’t know the first thing about cricket, but I know that there are a large number of people here in town who are into it, so good on the city for providing cricket fields, plus the rest of the amenities that they’re talking about. How about another dog park? Could put it next to the basketball courts like the ones at the lake now. As far as I know, there’s only two (one for small dogs, one for large dogs) for a city that covers 92 square miles. Judging by the condition of the turf at the current small dog park, they don’t require much maintenance.

  2. Cricket fields?

    In all my years living in the Tri-City area I would have never imagined the city putting in a cricket field. Lawn bowling maybe.. cricket field? no…

  3. Bad idea…why are tax payers building Cricket fields for the (Cisco/Intel) engineers who earn six figures? How many people play Cricket anyway?

  4. WARNING WARNING WARNING POST #3 you are an idiot. If these people are making six figures then don’t they pay more in taxs and that means they are paying for it also? How Many people play Cricket?
    If you would let the smoke clear so you can see straight you would see that there are alot of Cricket players that live and play in Fremont and now they will have a place to instead of fields parks and schools.
    Charlie you sound a little raciest.

  5. Worble – city taxes are based on property and sales taxes, not on income.

    If the cricket players are Fremont residents that live in expensive houses and buy a lot of stuff in Fremont, they surely deserve some amenities.

    But if Fremont city staff is planning to spend a lot of money to create a cricket mecca for all the cricket players in the south bay, I would wonder what they are thinking.

    Fremont needs stuff for it’s own citizens, especially the young and jobless, if only to keep the crime rate low this summer. I don’t know how a lot of kids are going to be able to get all the way down to the fields they are so far from population centers.

  6. Cricket fields sound pretty cool. I hope there are some informal events put on by some of the community experts to show us rookies how to play. I’d much rather learn from a resident than pay the COF $200 for 3-4 hour-long classes.

  7. Poopie Shame on you.

    [Fremont needs stuff for it’s own citizins].They are citizens period.

    Most of Fremont “citizens” now are Indian Afgan and Asian and play cricket.

    Most people that make six figures own property and spend more money and pay more taxs.

    Cricket mecca that will bring income from the south bay to Fremont and this is bad why?

    Poppie Guess what the kids can ride the bus like most of us had to back in the day before we started spoiling our children.Better yet go green and let them ride a bike.

  8. …and the cricket players can shop and buy food and drinks at Pacific commons while they are there.

  9. #4 Worble…cry me a river! Your phoney outrage is predictable!
    Can’t you see these Demon Bowlers our out to take our wickets. Cisco, Intel etc pays them well enough to build their own cricket fields!
    This country is $14.3 trillion dollars in debt. Schools at the local level are considering cutting about $20 million annually for the next three years. Should we just let these handsomely paid engineers bilk tax payers to build them something than less than 1% of our citizens will ever use?

  10. Charlie WTF? Put down the pipe let the smoke clear. Air out the room and you be alright.HA HA HA

  11. Q:How does Worble count to four?
    A:One bong hit, Two bong hit, Three bong hit, Floor.

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