Cricket fields for Fremont

Fremont has identified a 40-acre parcel near Pacific Commons as the site of a long-awaited cricket field.

Back when the A’s were coming to town, the city envision the land as a train station and parking lot for people heading to the games.

But now that the former stadium site is going to be The Block, the city is moving forward with plans to use most or possibly all of the 40-acre site at the southwesterly terminus of Auto Mall Parkway to “address a long standing need to provide cricket fields and additional soccer fields for Fremont residents,” according to a city report.

The report also noted the park could include tennis courts, basketball courts, skating facilities, a football field and an bicycle racing and training area. The city also hasn’t given up on a train station.

The city’s Recreation Commission will consider on Wednesday the city’s plan to purchase the parcel from its redevelopment agency for $4.3 million.

Matt Artz