Restaurant news

The former Black Angus on Walnut is going to be something called Top Buffet, which apparently will have some sort of Asian food.

The Essanay Cafe in Niles isn’t going out of business. The local owners have managed to sell the business to a new operator, so hopefully it’ll stay open and continue to host the very¬†good open mic.

Matt Artz

  • charlie C

    Asian food is golden!

  • Jen

    Nice. Another crappy Asian buffet. Because the one in the old Sizzler location did so well…

  • West

    The Essany Restuarant was trying to bring a type of food and cost that did not fit the area.
    The open mic is great entertainment, I hope they maintain it

  • Sam

    I suppose an Asian buffet is better than an empty building.

  • TonyG

    Expect more of Asian & Indian restaurants. It goes with the ethnic diversity of the City. Us carnivores are being extinct.