Fremont News of the Day

fremontFrom the cops:

A women on her way to a job interview got punched in the gut by a large man riding a bike in the area of Walnut Avenue and Civic Center Drive. The bike rider proceeded to steal the woman’s money and phone. She proceeded to her job interview and later called the police.

Burglars broke into Rudy’s Beauty Salon in Centerville over the weekend. They broke a rear window and forced open drawers, but didn’t leave with any loot.

To very non-discrete large women left Safeway at the Hub with a shopping cart full of stolen groceries. Store employees tried to stop them, but the women got into a green Jaguar and nearly struck one of their pursuers.

From Ohlone College:
The Renegades were one game away from repeating as state champions in baseball. All they needed to do was win one out of two games on Sunday. But they got swept by the new champs, San Joaquin Delta College.

From the web:
Online sari shop opens first retail outlet in Fremont
A Fremont company is making long-lasting laptop computer batteries.


Best of Fremont

bestinfremontThe Fremont Bulletin recently listed its “Best of Fremont,” which also could be named “Pick a Chain Restaurant out of a Hat.”

Chain store victories included:

Best Bagel: Noah’s (It should have been P.J.’s)
Best Burrito: Chipotle (It should have been any place that actually uses Spanish rice)
Best Coffee: Starbucks (It should have been Mission)
Best Italian Food: Olive Garden (It should have been something else)

This is even more troubling than the national chain store victories:
Best Sunday Brunch: Hometown Buffet (I would rather be fed intravenously than eat there)

These were just puzzling:
Best Thing to Happen in 2010-2011: Opening of Aqua Adventure Waterpark (It opened in 2009)
Best Middle Eastern Restaurant: Salang Pass (Afghanistan is in Central Asia, not the Middle East. One of the runners-up was Shalimar; India is in South Asia.)

For the complete list of winners, click here


Fremont News of the Day

From the cops:

There was a major hubbub at the Sikh temple yesterday afternoon. Cops got a report of man inside firing shots. But the supposed shooter had no gun, and the reporting party never actually saw a gun, they just thought they heard gunshots. Cops chalked up the disturbance to a love triangle and arrested the supposed shooter for violating a court order.

A man woke to when he heard guys outside messing with his car. He checked it out to find all four of his rims missing and a green minivan jetting down the street.

A cop on patrol spotted a battery involving the clerk at the 76 gas station at Blacow Road and Fremont Boulevard. The cop chased after the crook and caught him. Turned the the juvenile crook had grabbed some cigarettes and was fighting the clerk to get away.


Newark Mayor Dave Smith won’t run for re-election


We’ve got our entire staff covering every angle of Dave Smith’s impending departure. And I think we came up with the origin of Smith’s favorite catchphrase: Yowza, Yowza Yowza!!!!
This was the Billboard #6 song in the nation in March, 1978 when Smith was first elected. Newark clique members will here something familiar at the 1-minute mark.

And if you don’t think this is how “Yowza” began in Newark, explain why Smith himself makes an appearance at the 1:49 mark of the video.

Smith just texted us that he is in fact not running for re-election this November. If memory serves he’s the second-longest tenured mayor in the nation. I think he’s served 16 consecutive terms.

Anyway we’ll have a story online tomorrow and in Friday’s paper.


Fremont News of the Day

fremontFrom the cops:
Crooks pried the rear lock at Bogie’s Pet Foods in Centerville, but never made it inside.

Burglars pushed open an unlocked rear bathroom window to steal jewelry and checkbooks from a home on the 43000 block of Livermore Common. On Shattuck Avenue (in Fremont?) burglars forced open a living room window and stole jewelry. Meanwhile at the Laundry Room on Country Drive, burglars busted up laundry machines, stealing change.

Owners of the PK Market on Thornton probably wish it was burglarized. Instead, they received a visit from two men. One made it really clear he had a black semi-automatic pistol, and the other vaulted the counter to snatch cash, coins and lottery tickets.

Most people have to pee when they’re drunk, but a boozer in Gateway Plaza over the weekend felt compelled to yell and spit. Police arrested him for being drunk in public.

From the wire
Fremont teen is a race car driver. When will he be a veteran?
Maaco Auto Body wins accolade.


Fremont News of the Day

fremont_news_linkFrom the cops:
A woman on Douglas Court called police when she saw a man in her back yard, who she figured must have jumped her neighbor’s fence. Sure enough, the neighbor’s house on Vernal had just been burglarized.

Two ladies got into a cat fight over some turf in the McDonald’s parking lot on Thornton. One lady brandished a knife and slapped the other. She ended up going to jail.

Police arrested a drunkard after he woke up a family while trying to get in the wrong house.

From the wire:

Wheelchair basketball in Fremont
Fremont company buys Cambridge, Mass. company

From The Fremont Planning Commission:
I’m not sure what’s up with the Center Theater. A few months ago I wrote about its transformation into the Afghan Cultural Center. But that name has been removed from the theater’s marquee and there’s no sign of life there. At last night’s Planning Commission, the theater owner was supposed to seek a permit to hold concerts and film television shows — stuff the cultural center had planned to do. But the permit preceding was delayed two weeks.

Mehanwhile as they did at Tuesday’s City Council meeting, Kimber Park residents showed up in strong numbers. They’re concerned that the owner of the Mission Hills Club is going to build homes on the club site and leave only a few tennis courts and no open space. The city doesn’t think that’s going to fly, according to one letter I read from a planner. The property owner is Sheena Chang, who owns portions of Pacific Commons and chairs a city commission on economic development.


Indians outnumber Chinese in Fremont

Here’s the 2010 Census results:

Indians — 38,711 — 18.1 percent of Fremont’s population
Chinese –38,118 — 17.8 percent of Fremont’s population

Here is the breakdown from the 2000 Census
Chinese – 29,240 — 14.4 percent of Fremont’s population
Indian — 20,742 — 10.2 percent of Fremont’s population

Than means Fremont’s Indian population has nearly doubled in the last 10 years. It also means that Fremont has the second most Indo-Americans in the state after San Jose and the second highest percentage of Indo-Americans after Cupertino.

And it means that Joel is the winner of the contest. Let me know if you want the mug or a treat by emailing me at  martz@bayareanewsgroup.com

Here are more stats from the Census Bureau followed by a couple of spreadsheets we put together:

Total pop: 214,089
One Race: 201, 505
White: 70,505 — 32.8 percent
Black: 7,103  — 3.3 percent
Asian: 108,332 — 50.6 percent
Indian: 38,711  — 18.1 percent
Chinese: 38,118  — 17.8 percent
Filipino: 14,285  — 6.7 percent
White and Asian: 5,626  –2.6 percent
Race alone or in comination of some othe race
White: 80,195  — 37.5 percent
Asian: 116,755 — 54.5 percent
Hispanic or Latino: 31,698 14.8 percent

Copy of Indian by total population

Copy of Indian by percentage


Vivien Larsen named Ohlone Trustee

She won it with four first-place votes.

Jan Giovannini-Hill wanted the kid, who volunteered on her campaign.

Greg Bonaccorsi preferred Schaefer.

Larsen gave a good interview after the vote.

Interesting to actually attend a meeting. There’s a very familial atmosphere here.