Fremont News of the Day

fremont_news_linkFrom the cops:
Cops arrested a 69-year-old man for threatening to shoot a teenager with a gun that he had brandished near the intersection of Paseo Padre Parkway and Gomes.

Employees detained two men for shoplifting. One ran away, but cops trapped him down.

From the wire:
An op-ed on Niles Canyon Road.
Only Citigroup gets to rip off Citibank clients.

Argus Preview:
Saturday’s paper will have the most informative, newsworthy Senior Journal story of all time. Our census guru Rob Dennis has crunched the numbers and found that Fremont, Newark and Union City have had the largest increases in senior citizen populations in Alameda County.

It’s not even close, and it appears that all of the population gains down here over the past 10 years are being driving by old folks, which means the Argus’ circulation should be soaring. But I don’t think that’s the case.


Environmental groups charge rail companies with illegal dumping at rail yards

This press release from last week might sound some alarms in Warm Springs and Wiebel.


California’s two major rail yard operators are illegally disposing hazardous waste thereby increasing the risk of serious health problems such as chronic respiratory disease and cancer in neighboring communities, according to a 90-day notice letter sent today by the Natural Resources Defense Council, East Yard Communities for Environmental Justice, and the Center for Community Action and Environmental Justice. The letter contends that the rail yard operators are in violation of the federal Resource Conservation and Recovery Act due to the high levels of particulate matter released by their diesel-based operations.

“People living near these rail yards are exposed to startling levels of pollution and carcinogens every day,” said David Pettit, NRDC senior attorney. “Poisoning people should not be a cost of doing business in California.” 

The letter of intent is directed to Union Pacific Corporation (UP), Burlington Northern Santa Fe, LLC, and BNSF Railway Company (BNSF), the only two major railroads that haul freight in California. Much of the containerized freight that travels from Asia to the ports of Los Angeles, Long Beach and Oakland is transferred onto diesel trucks that transport the containers to local and regional rail yards for transfer onto trains powered by diesel locomotives and then shipped throughout the United States. 

“Communities surrounding rail yards need relief now,” said Angelo Logan, executive director for East Yard Communities for Environmental Justice. We have been patiently working with both regulator and the rail companies for years, with no resolve. Health protective technologies and fixes exist. It is time for the rail companies to be good neighbors and right the wrongs they have imposed on California communities.”     

Millions of Californians inhale toxic diesel particulate pollution generated annually by rail yards. Continue Reading


Fremont News of the Day


From the cops:
A cop spots a truck parked at Norris and Glenview, runs the plates and learns that it’s stolen. She detains the two juvies in the vehicle and finds stolen property nearby. Turns out the duo had just burglarized a home on Mattos Drive.

There were also residential burglaries on the 47000 block of Havasu and the 4300 block of Dorsey.

From the wire:
State busts Newark pot club

Another story about the new Pacific Commons development.

Outlook weak for Synnex


New logo

I like the Fremont Unified School District’s new logo, and think it’s great that the school board likes it too.

The board has taken some heat here for refusing to honor gay rights pioneer Harvey Milk and going years with an abstinence-focused sex education curriculum that might not have met state standards. So it seems like a step in the right direction that the new logo will feature a sexually ambiguous student prancing atop a giant green rear end.


And, considering the school board has twice recently refused to approve one teacher’s book selections for her AP English class, the winning logo is a lot more benign than this alternative.


Fremont News of the Day

fremont_news_linkFrom the cops:
A robber fired a gun in the air on the 34000 block of Newton Court after he and a couple of buddies relieved a man of his money and marijuana. The crooks fled in a BMW.

A woman returns to her home on Las Palmas court to find a man trying to open a rear sliding door. The man fled, but cops tracked him down.

Two robbers kicked in the side door to a garage on the 4500 block of Macbeth Avenue only to find the owner inside. They fled.

Additional burglaries on Stevenson Common, McDuff Avenue and Bucks Lake.

A resident on Jacinto alerted police that several males had just driven past his home brandishing guns. Cops found the vehicle on Rowland Drive, and arrested two men at the address for brandishing a gun and another for having a warrant.

From the wire:
More public funds to help former NUMMI workers.



We’ll it’s been a good run, but I guess no one other than Bill Harrison can stay in Fremont forever.

Still it’s hard to say goodbye.

I’ll miss you – Ishan.

My favorite Brahmin is leaving town at the end of this year. After spending too much on his Ohlone College campaign, he’s decided to spend too much on his education by attending the University of Southern California next spring.

Lots of movie theaters in LA, but no electric auto plants. Makes you wonder if Tesla might have stayed committed to its proposed SoCal plant, if Ishan had gone south to college a year earlier. I guess we’re all just fortunate that we had these three years with him.

Thank you, Ishan, and good luck.

Sigh. Notice how the stock market rose 7 points during this interview. Even back then the kid was magic.


Fremont News of the Day

fremont_news_linkBurglars cut a hole in the wall at Capitol Stereo Sunday and stole several amplifiers and GPS units.

Cops got a call Sunday of a smelly decaying body in Niles Canyon. Turned out to be a dead deer.

Fremont cops patrolled south Union City Sunday after there was a shooting in the same Union City home where two homicides had recently taken place.

An AC Transit bus came just in time for someone being held up at gunpoint Sunday at a bus stop at Stevenson and Omar. The victim jumped on the bus, and cops quickly identified the 17-year-old gunman.

Employees at Dollar Tree on Friday chased after a shoplifter, who cops later apprehended.

When a man confronted another man about reckless driving in the Durham Green Apartments, the reckless driver grabbed a knife and started chasing his accuser around the apartment complex, before fleeing as police were nearing the scene.

From the wire:
House Republicans investigating federal loan guarantees for Solyndra.


Fremont and multi-generational homes

When I think of Fremont, I think parks, parking lots, cheap Indian food and people living under the same roof as both their children and their parents, even though they can afford to put all of them in boarding homes.

But according to new census figures, multi-generational living is more of a Union City thing.

In Union City, a whopping 12.2 percent of homes included three or more generations of family members — tops in the county.

Newark ranked second with 9.6 percent.

Fremont was back in the pack with 7.5 percent.

So a lot of those debatable monster homes were probably built by people who wanted a lot of space, rather than the freedom to simultaneously nag and be nagged under the same roof.

To see the spreadsheet, click below:

Multigenerational households


Newsweek: Fremont reporter better educated than Mission San Jose students

Here’s a cautionary tale for those parents who drop an extra few hundred grand for a house in the Mission Attendance Area. Just because Mission San Jose is ranked among the top 100 schools nationwide doesn’t mean junior won’t end up in a low-paying industry writing about women who wear bikinis while serving coffee.

Take me, for example. According to Newsweek, I graduated from the 49stth best high school in America — a far superior school than Mission, which finished a sad 61st. And what do I have to show for it? This blog and its many typos and grammar mishaps.

These rankings don’t mean much, as all those whiny Kennedy parents are always letting us know. Last year, Mission was ranked ahead of my old school. Now it’s not so hot. And the only discernible change, best I can tell, is that Ishan Shah graduated.


Fremont News of the Day

fremontFrom the cops:

BB gunmen busted windows at three businesses in the Charter Square shopping center.

It seemed like Fremont’s dream come true. A young woman traveled all the way from San Leandro to shop at Nordstrom. But the lady was a shoplifting tramp, and she got into it with a female security guard when she tried to abscond with some merchandise. Cops came and arrested her.

Gunshots were fired at a home on the 4200 block of Dali Street. No one was hurt. Cops say there’s a gang house across the street.

From the web:

I’m not thrilled with this IndiaWest article about Indo-Americans in Fremont being unhappy with proposed redistricting. It quotes Bill Harrison saying “We’re the fourth-largest city in the Bay Area “We want our congressperson’s full attention,” during the commission’s hearing.

Maybe he made an identical statement during the hearing, but that quote, which appeared in the Argus, was, as far as I know,  told only to me while Harrison was driving home after the hearing.