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Cactus Wars

By Matt Artz
Wednesday, June 1st, 2011 at 1:42 pm in Uncategorized.

I’ve gotten some grief in the newsroom for my cactus story that ran recently. It’s not always easy finding six or so things to write about every week in a city where Olive Garden makes the best Italian food. But that story might have been a stretch, even for me.

It turns out the cactus at Belvoir Springs isn’t the only one shooting upwards at a breakneck pace. A man in Newark today emailed me a photo of his century plant. He said his plant is taller than the one I wrote about in Fremont.

I’m unconvinced. It definitely has the edge in girth, but the Fremont one appears taller. You be the judge.





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  • StunninglyCute

    I have always maintained that there was a way to stop all sports fights (for this alliterative we will use hockey) – two guys get in a fight, skate to center ice, drop drawers, ref arrives with ruler, loser hits the bench – end of hockey fights – ever!!

    Matt, you are now the ref – ruler please!!

  • Andrew C.

    Not always easy to find articles worth reading every week in a city where the reporters live… elsewhere. :)

  • JC Blues

    Clearly you’ve not eaten at CiCi’s in Niles or Massimo’s if you think Olive Garden is the best Italian in Fremont… maybe restaurant reviews would fill a few inches..

  • Greg

    More blooming cacti in Fremont. I just saw a pair of these on Paseo Padre and Chadbourne. I will send a picture Matt