Cactus Wars

I’ve gotten some grief in the newsroom for my cactus story that ran recently. It’s not always easy finding six or so things to write about every week in a city where Olive Garden makes the best Italian food. But that story might have been a stretch, even for me.

It turns out the cactus at Belvoir Springs isn’t the only one shooting upwards at a breakneck pace. A man in Newark today emailed me a photo of his century plant. He said his plant is taller than the one I wrote about in Fremont.

I’m unconvinced. It definitely has the edge in girth, but the Fremont one appears taller. You be the judge.





Matt Artz


  1. I have always maintained that there was a way to stop all sports fights (for this alliterative we will use hockey) – two guys get in a fight, skate to center ice, drop drawers, ref arrives with ruler, loser hits the bench – end of hockey fights – ever!!

    Matt, you are now the ref – ruler please!!

  2. Not always easy to find articles worth reading every week in a city where the reporters live… elsewhere. 🙂

  3. Clearly you’ve not eaten at CiCi’s in Niles or Massimo’s if you think Olive Garden is the best Italian in Fremont… maybe restaurant reviews would fill a few inches..

  4. More blooming cacti in Fremont. I just saw a pair of these on Paseo Padre and Chadbourne. I will send a picture Matt

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