Setback for Center Theater

To my surprise, the Planning Commission failed to approve a proposal to expand to uses for the Center Theater to allow it to hold banquets, concerts and other gatherings.

Planning Commissioner Dan Lydon, who served as Fremont’s fire chief, led the charge against the proposal, citing fire safety concerns with the building. The commission needed four votes to endorse the plan, and they only got three.

The theater owner will likely appeal to the City Council, where he might get more sympathy from Fremont’s former police chief.

You know what stinks about Fremont? I’m ready to leave this Planning Commission and catch the last five minutes of the basketball game. But the nearest place that’s showing it is Hooters, and I’ve worn out my welcome there.

Matt Artz

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  1. Matt, La Pinata usually shows the games in the bar and it’s in that area. Casa Robles is always a good bet. BJ’s always has it on, but with no sound. It’s worth it for the J.Red though.

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