Competition for Stark

I’m still looking at the maps. It appears that Stark, who last I heard was registered to vote in San Leandro, would have to face a fellow Democratic incumbent next year under the first draft of the congressional district maps.

Grouped with San Leandro, Hayward and Union City are Dublin, Livermore and Pleasanton, which is home to Rep. Jerry McNerney. It would be interesting to see if Stark would step aside or fight for the seat. His folks told me last week that at this point Stark is planning to run in 2012.

Matt Artz


  1. Stark has a residence in Fremont, but is registered to vote at his in-law’s home in San Leandro, probably for mailing convenience I would guess. As this map is drawn, his Fremont residence is in the same CD as Zoe Lofgren and his registered address is in the same district as McNerney. I understand there will be some change to the Fremont CD map, but it will be interesting anyway.

  2. It’s about time Stark had some competition anyways. No matter what party you are, it’s hard to believe that Stark himself represents the interests of the current or newly redrawn districts. He’s just taken advantage of being a democratic incumbent in a democratic stronghold since the 1970’s in a system without term limits.

  3. Pete Stark represents my interests even better than I could. He’s gutsy and a straight talker. I’ve met him; he’s personable without fawning and very knowledgable. Not only that, but his office staff is competent and always willing to help wherever possible. One of the advantages of living in Fremont is having a congressional rep that I am proud of. I literally get a kick out of telling people who my rep is. Pete Stark is the man!

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