Fremont and Newark grouped in San Jose Congressional District

Well the redistricting commission changed the congressional boundaries, but not quite the way Fremont officials were hoping.

Instead of keeping Fremont as part of an Alameda County district represented by Pete Stark, the commission’s first draft has almost all of Fremont and all of Newark as part of a district with Milpitas and eastern San Jose.

It appears that the district boundary would be State Route 84. That would mean everything north of Peralta would stick with Stark, but I’m not 100 percent sure about that from the maps. It would also mean that several Indo-American politicos hoping to elect an Indo-American successor to Pete Stark won’t be happy to see the Ardenwood district severed from the rest of Fremont.

Take a peak of the map, by clicking here.

Matt Artz


  1. Folks should also keep in mind that in the state of California, a congress member does not need to reside in the district they represent. Example: rep mclintock.

  2. Fremont officials, and who is that? Some petty politicians with a axe to grind. That is exactly why we took it out of the politicians hands. The more they complain, the more I think the commission got it right!

  3. Ishan, Did you see the Colbert/Garamendi interview last week?

    Colbert is always sharp as a tact, and that NIMBY comment about Garamendi’s backyard is laughs. I wish I had half the wit.

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