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  1. I don’t like this. I voted for Wiekowski because of his ties to Fremont, and I don’t want to lose him as an Assemblyman. Same for Pete Stark as my Congressman.

  2. I like the this. The districts are drawn to make sense, not for political reasons.
    As far as being included with San Jose.
    All three districts include San Jose. The residents of Fremont have more in common with Milpitas and San Jose then Oakland and San Leandro.
    Being included with San Jose, the largest city in the Bay Area, should give Fremont more clout in procureing more state and federal dollars.
    It looks like a win , win for Fremont.

  3. The only map that makes sense is the SD map, which starts at the south Oakland border and goes south into Santa Clara County. The AD map divides Fremont essentially at Stevenson near Mission, then at Mowry to 880. Wiecowski lives in the new district, but just barely. Niles, Centerville, and points north would be in the “Hayward” named district.

    And, West, as Robert said, if you expect the state to be giving money to the locals, instead of the other way around, keep dreaming.

  4. “The residents of Fremont have more in common with Milpitas and San Jose then Oakland and San Leandro.”

    You haven’t explained why Fremont should be split up as the maps show, especially for the US House of Representatives. How can you say it’s NOT political when Fremont itself is split up?

  5. Wow! This really does cut Fremont in two. I’d assumed it was just the northern tip of Fremont getting moved into Hayashi’s district. However, the line appears to go south all the way to Mowry putting even Glenmoor into Hayashi’s district.

  6. Here’s an off-topic post. Hey fans of open carrying weapons. There’s a new bill out, Assembly Bill 144, which I’m sure you’re aware of. Are any of you war veterans or former police officers?

  7. The AD line runs roughly along Walnut throwing the Hub, BART and California School of the Deaf into Hiyashi. The Stark line runs straight through Quarry Lakes.

  8. Holy cow! Here’s an another off-topic post for you all… Congressman Pete Stark just loves baseball! Stay tuned.

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