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fremontFrom the cops:

Fremont cops got money to set up stings against stores that sell cigarettes to minors. Officers set up decoys to make 226 purchase attempts over four days. Only 15 of the 226 purchase attempts (6.6 percent) did clerks sell the cigarettes to the 15 to 17-year-old decoys. Those bad clerks  were given citations. The sale of tobacco products to a minor (under 18) is a misdemeanor, which carries a penalty up to a $1000 fine, depending on prior offenses.

A middle-aged man crashed his bike and died on the Alameda Creek Trail under I-880. More on that in tomorrow’s paper.

A studnet scheduled to graduate John F. Kennedy High School tomorrow started partying early. He boozed himself up, crashed his car and drove away.

A woman in the area of Logan and Central called police when she saw a man that looked similar to someone who had burglarized her home. Officers arrived, searched the man and found a handgun in his front pocket.

From the Fremont City Council:

The budget is passed, a massage parlor can move into another massage parlor’s turf, zoning changes could lead to more than 100 apartments (maybe low-income) in Downtown Niles.

Matt Artz


  1. The cops need to find something else to do. A complete waste of money. Fremont has a lot more issues other than smoking minors.

  2. Niles — If it ain’t broke, build 100 new apartments in it?

  3. I assume this means the Henkel site because Naka is likely going to LEAF.

    I’m not sure which way the wind will blow on this. It may be epic.

  4. Niles does NOT need any new apartment style/low income housing. There is already a mini-slum at the south end of Niles. The Casa Arroyo apartments already have their share of crime (and I’m sure low income units due to the requirements of the city).

    Marty, I don’t think they can build on the Naka site developers wanted to. It was my understanding that the Naka site could not be rezoned for housing. But, then again, this is Fremont and the city council will do whatever the developers want, not what the residents want.

  5. Sorry – **”EVEN if the developers wanted to…”

    typed too fast.

  6. Jen, don’t worry. I think the residents of Niles park satisfy any low income requirement.

    Funny that there’s no chatter of this on the Niles yahoo group. I’d have thought that seeing the prospect of a Performing Arts-themed Whole Foods slip away would have created a s**t storm.

  7. Talk about NIMBYISM in Niles, They will take the Tax payer Town Plaza, they will take the tax payer gift of 2.6 million Dollars to private property owners for there alley, but will not accept low cost housing?
    Hey lets put it in Irvington!

  8. For the record, I think it’s a waste to pave Iron Horse Lane. It’s an alley, not a thoroughfare.

    Why doesn’t Fremont put a bunch of low income housing near Pac Commons and the new whatever its called that’s going in over there? There’s plenty of space…

  9. On 5/26, this post went out over the Niles egroup:

    “I have made several inquiries regarding the City Council’s Notice of Funding Availability for Affordable Housing and the Planned Development proposal before the Planning Commission. I am satisfied that there is no attempt to introduce affordable housing on the Redevelopment Agency property in Niles

    The purpose of the Planned Development proposal before the Planning Commission is to codify the Niles Concept Plan and underlying zoning in such a way as to not be jeopardized by the possible dis-establishment or overhaul of the Redevelopment Agency and resulting disposal of the RDA property. Planning and Redevelopment staffs assure me that their intent is to preserve the Niles Concept Plan and its Phase II commercial development, not build 100+ units of apartment.

    Doug Avery, President
    Niles Main Street Association”

    The predictable whines of NIMBYism about Niles have no basis.

  10. The predictable whines of NIMBYism about Niles have no basis.

    Jon, That’s partly because Doug’s post eases concern. Like I said – I’m not sure what the reaction in Niles would be, but if there was opposition, it would be hellfire grade.

  11. Low income housing is the newest “easy” thing to build for cities or developers because they will get federal and state grant funding, thus making it a profitable move.

    “Ok, I own land and I need to build a SOMETHING on it… what should I build?”

    “Well if you build (THIS PARTICULAR THING) we’ll throw a bit of money at you.”

    “Really, OK that sounds good.”

  12. Here’s a win win situation for ya. Why not build cricket fields on the Henkel site? I don’t think the generously paid Silicon Valley engineers who want government subsidized cricket fields (currently proposed at Pac Commons) would mind the commute to Niles. Hell, they might just be charmed by the place. Perhaps maybe even drive their Hummers up and down the new and improved Iron Horse Lane? Dare I say these cricket enthusiast might even be tempted to buy a few antiques!

  13. let’s go have a barbeque at the park and watch the fireworks.
    whaaaaaaahhhhhh! this place sucks!

  14. The parade’s not that bad Sweetie. look a cub scout!

  15. Charlie C,

    I admire your scathing wit. The Henkel property isn’t nearly big enough for a cricket field.

    Weren’t you all terribly disgusted when Union City built those soccer fields along Decoto?

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