Fremont News of the Day

From the cops:
fremont_news_linkTwo men stole two phones from the AT&T store at Mowry and Fremont.

A cop saw a car speeding past the Five Corners. He couldn’t catch up do it, but cops found the vehicle abandoned on Vogel Court. Turned out it had been stolen out of Hayward.

Seven folks robbed a man in the parking lot outside Lucky’s in the Brookvale neighborhood. The man chased after them, and officers found them in a nearby apartment complex. Four adults and three kids were arrested.

Burglar(s) entered a home on the 40100 block of Blanchard through an unlocked bathroom window and stole a camera and video game system.

From the wire:
New York Times story on California Public Employee Unions and politics.

Lot of car thefts around here

Matt Artz