No fair!

Little known fact about me is that I’ve been volunteering once a week in the early morning hours at a Tri-City area Middle School for much of the last three years.

School’s out, and the teacher I work with gave me a present for my troubles. It’s a gift card … to this place.

Matt Artz


  1. I thought it was gonna be a gift certificate for the bikini barista stand.

    Thanks, Matt, for your fine volunteer work.

  2. Exchange it for Applebees and stop Bee Eye Tea Sea Atch -ing. 🙂

  3. Now that’s funny – I love little pinches of humor like that – highly recommend the fettuccine Alfredo!! LOL

  4. I thought you would be happy, considering you have been complaining that everything turns in to a vegetarian indian restaurant.

    made me laugh…;-)

  5. From Leno last week: Al-Qaida is not what it used to be. Instead of 70 virgins, martyrs now get a gift certificate to Olive Garden.

  6. I recommend a few Jack and Cokes at the bar. And they can be had without the hour wait.

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