Newsweek: Fremont reporter better educated than Mission San Jose students

Here’s a cautionary tale for those parents who drop an extra few hundred grand for a house in the Mission Attendance Area. Just because Mission San Jose is ranked among the top 100 schools nationwide doesn’t mean junior won’t end up in a low-paying industry writing about women who wear bikinis while serving coffee.

Take me, for example. According to Newsweek, I graduated from the 49stth best high school in America — a far superior school than Mission, which finished a sad 61st. And what do I have to show for it? This blog and its many typos and grammar mishaps.

These rankings don’t mean much, as all those whiny Kennedy parents are always letting us know. Last year, Mission was ranked ahead of my old school. Now it’s not so hot. And the only discernible change, best I can tell, is that Ishan Shah graduated.

Matt Artz