We’ll it’s been a good run, but I guess no one other than Bill Harrison can stay in Fremont forever.

Still it’s hard to say goodbye.

I’ll miss you – Ishan.

My favorite Brahmin is leaving town at the end of this year. After spending too much on his Ohlone College campaign, he’s decided to spend too much on his education by attending the University of Southern California next spring.

Lots of movie theaters in LA, but no electric auto plants. Makes you wonder if Tesla might have stayed committed to its proposed SoCal plant, if Ishan had gone south to college a year earlier. I guess we’re all just fortunate that we had these three years with him.

Thank you, Ishan, and good luck.

Sigh. Notice how the stock market rose 7 points during this interview. Even back then the kid was magic.

Matt Artz


  1. Au revoir young man, and congratulations to you. I have no doubt that you’ll make Fremont proud.

  2. Don’t let the Tandoori hit your ass on the way out.

    In all seriousness, best wishes and good luck, Ishan. The Bay Area just lost a few badly needed IQ points.

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