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fremont_news_linkBurglars cut a hole in the wall at Capitol Stereo Sunday and stole several amplifiers and GPS units.

Cops got a call Sunday of a smelly decaying body in Niles Canyon. Turned out to be a dead deer.

Fremont cops patrolled south Union City Sunday after there was a shooting in the same Union City home where two homicides had recently taken place.

An AC Transit bus came just in time for someone being held up at gunpoint Sunday at a bus stop at Stevenson and Omar. The victim jumped on the bus, and cops quickly identified the 17-year-old gunman.

Employees at Dollar Tree on Friday chased after a shoplifter, who cops later apprehended.

When a man confronted another man about reckless driving in the Durham Green Apartments, the reckless driver grabbed a knife and started chasing his accuser around the apartment complex, before fleeing as police were nearing the scene.

From the wire:
House Republicans investigating federal loan guarantees for Solyndra.

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