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I like the Fremont Unified School District’s new logo, and think it’s great that the school board likes it too.

The board has taken some heat here for refusing to honor gay rights pioneer Harvey Milk and going years with an abstinence-focused sex education curriculum that might not have met state standards. So it seems like a step in the right direction that the new logo will feature a sexually ambiguous student prancing atop a giant green rear end.


And, considering the school board has twice recently refused to approve one teacher’s book selections for her AP English class, the winning logo is a lot more benign than this alternative.

Matt Artz


  1. Goodness. What did they pay for this second-year-design-student delight? It looks like the decapitated prancer is using its Harry Potter powers to cast off a book, graduation, and a star.

  2. Actually, John, that logo was designed by an 8th grade girl at one of the junior high schools. She won a contest. We wrote about it in yesterday’s Argus. I thought long and hard about mocking a logo designed by a young girl, before deciding that I’m a rotten enough person to do it. Good to know that I’m not the only one, John. Guess, I’ll see you in hell.

  3. IMHO, the best thing about it is that it obviously didn’t cost what it might have if it had been created by a professional design firm. The only other good thing is that it’s colorful but that many colors can mean extra expense in printing, etc.
    The “green behind” thing is so obvious that I suspect it will be mocked for as long as this logo stands.
    And, Matt, you worry too much.

  4. Matt,

    That’s the funniest thing I’ve heard all week. You can stand on my shoulders to avoid the flames.

  5. Inspire is represented by the star.
    Educate is represented by the graduation cap.

    Challenge is represented by…..a book?

    Are they saying the challenge is to read a book?
    It must be.

    Because the school district won’t allow teachers, to assign to students, challenging books to read.

  6. As a child, I was always somewhat bemused by the old logo — a sword in a book? What was going on there?

    If one of those hills had been shaped a little like Mission Peak, the green butt thing could have been avoided.

    One of the principles of good logo design is one that will look good black and white or in color. I downloaded the logo and converted it to grayscale, and it doesn’t get muddy, so it has that.

  7. It looks like a logo for a special-education program or at best a preschool.

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