Council set to ratify new police contract

The city council is set to sign off Tuesday on a new two-year contract for police officers  The deal, which cops ratified last week, would save the city about $1.7 million this year and establish less generous pension and retirement medical benefits for future employees.

Police salaries would be cut across the board by 4.25 percent, retroactive to July 3.

Health benefit allowances would be capped at $580 per month per employee effective June 30, 2013.

Shifts would be reduced from 11 to 10 hours, saving the city about $500,000.

New employees would get roughly the same retirement benefit as current employees, but they’d have to work till age 55 to get those benefits, instead of 50. It’s called 3 percent at 55 in HR speak.

Matt Artz

  • West

    Not good enough, just as I suspected not as good as San Jose.
    Is it true that over 60% of policemen live outside of Fremont, why should they give a damn.

  • charlie C

    Alas poor West… He has been benighted in the hopes that his junta will one day get elected and be “good enough”.

  • Jon Simon

    Good for the council and good for the police in compromising.

  • I’m jus’ sayin’

    West… most Police Officers prefer to live outside of the city in which they work. If you were an Officer and lived in Fremont, how would you like, on your day off, running into someone you arrested when you went shopping or at a movie or out to dinner. It just makes sense. If you lived outside of the city chances are you would not run into that very often.



  • Mike R

    I spoke with an officer and it sounds like between the rise in cost of medical increases which they will absorb, the reduction in their allownce which apparently is 40 percent and the pay cut some of them will be taking a higher than 10 percent cut and they have to work an extra sixteen days (four weeks) for the same slary under their new schedule. Seems like allot to me.

    He also said that ten years ago when the city eliminated police posiitions allot of officers moved out of the city.

  • Jen

    I have no idea what Fremont officers pay, but on the evening news the other night they were discussing the police benefit costs in, I think, Antioch or some Contra Costa city. Each officer per month, in that city, pays $55 for medical coverage for his whole family. $55. That is not even two co-pays under my medical insurance.

    The employee contribution for health benefits needs to be more in line with what most working people pay.

    Oh, and don’t forget that teachers have to pay 100% of their medical benefits.

  • Audrey

    I still think the starting salaries for police officers in Fremont is pretty respectable. Granted, being a cop is a dangerous job. However, in my opinion, not too much goes on in Fremont anyway, in terms of crime (compared to like Oakland or Hayward).

  • charlie C

    FYI…A jaywalking ticket will set you back about $170. Traffic light camera tickets about $400. Please beware uncalibrated radar guns are going to be aimed at all you soccer moms without mercy. The FPD will be getting paid and it’s not going to be pretty.