Fremont City Council Report

The council honored Officer John Rosette for 30 years on the force.

Then they approved the police contract, which the police union isn’t too thrilled with. They gave me a press release about it, saying they love the city, but that they don’t think the council really cares about public safety. I’ll try to post the entire release later tonight.

The city is going to keep on keeping on with its planned housing and retail development for the big vacant lot along Fremont Boulevard in Centerville. Dominic Dutra thinks the city subsidy is way too high for what it’s getting, but he couldn’t sway the other council members from voting to extend negotiations with development firm, Blake-Hunt Ventures.

Fremont’s Economic Development Director is leaving the city. Another sign that I’ve been here too long. A lot of my old city folks are gone: the Suicide Blonds, Mistress Dawn, Bizarro Peter Yarrow and now Lori Taylor. I don’t recognize half the people in suits here.

Sue Chan apparently has a big bet that this meeting is going to go past midnight. She’s been asking minor questions about the Center Theater for what seems like the past hour. The council might approve allowing the theater to hold different types of events like concerts, dinner theater and banquets.

The Planning Commission couldn’t muster enough votes to approve the new uses for the theater last month. Former fire chief Dan Lydon led the charge against the theater, but the current chief seems to think the current arrangement will be OK. Still Chan is concerned, and Anu Natarajan is in India so the councilMen might have to come through for the theater.

Ugh, Bill Harrison is concerned about this too. He thinks parking is going to be a problem. He knows Centerville better than I do, but it’s hard to imagine there ever being a parking shortage.

Don’t these people know that I’ve already written this story, and in my version, they approved it? Let’s see if they make me change it.
They will. Permit denied. Center Theater stays as it is.

Matt Artz

  • MikeTeeVee

    There’s a parking shortage near the Center Theater?

  • West

    The Mayor and CouncilMembers has made Fremont a


  • John

    Well there isn’t actually a parking shortage…there is a big lot out back but just don’t expect your car to be there when you come back.

    “Pardon me sureno drug dealer, did you see who broke into my car and took the laptop that you are holding?”