Fremont News of Monday

From the cops:

It seems like this should be a biblical prohibition against this: On Lincoln Street, a man took an axe to his brother’s car. Mercifully, the brother was not taken outside the gates of the city, judged by his elders and stoned to death. He was arrested.

The owner of a house on Thornton Boulevard undergoing renovations returned home to find that a squatter had moved in. Police moved out the squatter.

From the wire:
Foreigners boost Fremont real estate values
Feel young; visit Sunol

Matt Artz

  • West

    Matt, Thanx for the San Jose Mercury stories about Fremont, I am ready to quit the Argus, I am so tired of Hearing about San Leandro. I have lived in Fremont for over thirty years and I have never been to San leandro!!!!

  • Robert

    West, you just sound like a negative nelly.