Realtors assail Fremont’s climate action plan

Fremont’s proposed Climate Action Plan doesn’t do much — at least not over the next few years.

Read the plan here, and check out the verbs: “Continue, collaborate, cooperate, consider.” Pretty mild stuff.

But one of the items the city wants to consider is a conservation ordinance on residences. It would require conservation upgrades when a house is sold. Real estate interests are so opposed to that that they’re still here at 10 p.m. during the most boring council meeting of the year even though there’s no guarantee the council will ever approve it.

And listening to the council members, the real estate guys have nothing to worry about.

Matt Artz

  • http://fcnisbacon.wordpress.com/2010/11/03/parting-gifts-for-election-losers/ Marty

    conservation ordinance on residences. It would require conservation upgrades when a house is sold.

    Are we talking efficient shower heads and a few CF bulbs or solar panels and water reclamation systems?

    Fremont can’t afford to hire inspectors. Once the schools are thriving and the streets are paved can Fremont dabble in government luxuries.

  • West

    Could they be Lobbyist for ther Real Estate Industry trying to protect there profits?

  • Mike R

    Are they planning on having some sort of cap on what residents have to pay or will this be another thing to discourage people from living and working in Fremont?

  • euphxenos

    I’d like to see some more details on what this ordinance requires. I’ve been making improvements to my home since I bought it, and will continue to do so until I’m happy with the results (because I want to enjoy the benefits of those improvements, not just hand them to someone else when I leave). If I’m required to make additional energy efficiency improvements at the time of sale, then where does that leave me if the work was done well before the time of sale? How extensive are the required improvements?

  • http://www.coachchuck.net Chuck Clausen

    It looks to me like Fremont needs to elect new people to the City Council

  • bbox231

    The folks that will benefit from these kinds of mandated upgrades are the manufacturers, the installers, inspectors, or regulators (city staff) of these technologies. And, of course, let’s not forget those who will benefit by simply burning myriad hours conjecturing about possible regulation(s).

    From the perspective of the end consumer, #4 hits it on the head, inasmuch as, consumers will – for the most part- embrace and install these things (of their own accord) when there is real return on investment.

    Real estate agents do likewise – - – a solar heating system can add real value to the closing price of a listing, IF there is perceived payback by the buyer. In *that* instance, they’re called “features” or “upgrades”.

    So the consumers’ (and listing agents’) actions will largely be driven by perceived cost/benefit but, can also be “forced” by municipal mandate where economic benefit is not obvious or nonexistant.

    Unfortunately, everyone else in the supply and regulatory chain benefits even if the technology is economic hogwash.

    Having said that – now ask yourselves the question -”Is it really the best use of our limited resources to pay people for myriad hours spent thinking about, talking about, planning for the possibility, and maybe even implementing non safety-related code requirements when simple economic forces SHOULD compel most property owners to do smart economic things anyway ? ”

    Why do we pay people to spend time and effort to even conjecture about these things much less to implement code requirements ?

    I thought we were in a difficult economy.

    Dont get me wrong, personally, I’m a huge fan of alternative energies and conservation. But the way to proceed down that path is for the suppliers of these technologies to educate consumers to the economic benefit. They’ve got the ability AND RESOURCE to do just that.

    Our municipal administrators and leaders SHOULD (in this kind of economy) be focussing on only the precious few priorities.

  • charlie C

    #5… Agreed, time for some new blood! Two time losers and retreads will not do. Our next City Council representatives must be reasonable people who are willing to work for what is best for EVERYONE they represent. Time to get passed our previous (mea culpa) and vote for new and reasonable people in 2012!