Whole Foods coming to Fremont

I know I said I wouldn’t post during my vacation, but I didn’t want our business reporter to beat me to the punch.

Tucked into Whole Foods’ Third Quarter results released today is news that the market is coming to Fremont. I’m told the likely site is the vacant lot at Mowry and Paseo Padre.

Also told that Sunflower Market is also coming to Fremont — to the former Barnes and Noble site.

Below is the Whole Foods document. The item about Fremont is on Page 3.
Whole Foods

Matt Artz

  • Vinnie Bacon

    Wow! This is great news! It will be nice to see something finally happen at that location besides selling Christmas trees.

  • James

    Matt, you beat me to the punch. I was about to interrupt your vacation after reading this on the business journal website.

    I had never heard of Sunflower before this. It looks like they have about 35 stores in the states of Texas, Oklahoma, Arizona, Utah, Colorado, Nevada, and Arizona. Currently, the only California store is Roseville, with one opening in Modesto in the fall.

  • Jen

    It will be great to see more grocery options in Fremont. Hopefully people will go into Whole Foods so that they find that for many things, it’s not as ridiculously priced as has been rumored. And their Friday sales are awesome.
    Thank goodness they’re not putting “live work condos” or a Ranch 99 supermarket on that corner…

  • West

    Fremont not only gets Whole Foods, but Sunflower to. I really like the location of both. I do not have to drive to Pacific Commons, Both locations are in Central Fremont.
    It will be nice to see a Whole Foods at of Mowry and Paseo, I do not think anyone will miss all the political posters that sprout up as a ritual of the campaign season.

  • JC Blues

    As West said… they’re putting something in Central Fremont and not out at Pacific Commons… now if we could get a good burger place at Niles Cyn and Mission where Big Daddy’s used to be instead of place to hang flags and political campaign signs…

  • http://fremontfoodie.wordpress.com/ Andrew C.
  • http://www.linkedin/in/trb906 Todd B.

    Nothing like reporters with the same company competing. Efficiency personified, that’s BANG. Nice to see you do some actual news bud.

  • FremontGuy

    Outstanding news… this was the buzz at Peet’s today! No one can believe it… and everyone is excited it’s not at Pac Commons, and close to the HUB. It’s also confirmed in Whole Foods earnings release. I also heard that Fresh & Easy, a more affordable new chain is looking at the old “hoot junkins” store on Mowry/Blacow and is close to signing a lease. That would mean we’d have, Safeway, Lucky, Fresh & Easy, Whole Foods, SunFlower & Trader Joe’s within 3-5 miles of each other on Mowry! Simply outstanding.

  • MikeTeeVee

    From Blacow to Paseo Padre is only 1.5 miles.

  • Sharon Xavier de Sousa

    This is awesome news! I have been hoping for a Whole Foods in Fremont for over 10 years since I began eating mostly organic and mostly vegan/vegetarian. And the location is GREAT!!! Prayers have been answered!

  • http://www.jenniferdeguzman.com Jennifer dG

    I’m glad the Christmas tree lot will have a permanent tenant. And Whole Foods! I’m so excited, though my loyalty to Trader Joe’s must never be questioned.

    If only the Centerville Wasteland developers would DO SOMETHING so Centerville can be part of this revitalization. The planning commission has granted them yet another six-month extension to address the environmental problems found at the site.

  • Donna Smyth

    Just want to share in the enthusiasm over WHole Food’s and Sunflower Market coming to the middle ‘hub’ of Fremont. So excited!!!!! Fremont will be good to you all we promise :-D

  • bbox231

    #6 –

    Not so fast on the “block away” Andrew – - our Council think that the time may be right to pay employees to think about, plan for, present and discuss the idea of a relocation of the City Haul facilities.


    Because planning for the building of lavish new digs for our employees to work out of would be a good thing to do during a period of time when you are telling the taxpayers of the community that you are strapped for resources to such an extent that basic services are compromised. good thinking !

    Curious – but, we sure seem to be able to maintain and re- build (re-re-build ?) civic facilities with regularity but for all kinds of “reasons” we just cant quite seem to execute in Centerville. . . . . .

    Here’s an idea, if we’ve deluded ourselves to the point of thinking that now is the right time to pay folks to analyze, review, discuss, and plan for a City Haul relocation let’s at least try to do the COMMUNITY some real good – - – let’s relocate City Haul and a performing arts center to Centerville !!!!!!

  • http://fremontfoodie.wordpress.com/ Andrew C.


    FremontGuy –

    Where did you get the Fresh&Easy Mowry/Blacow info? It would be a good addition, true.

    I’m not disbelieving, I’m curious about the source. Thanks for posting.

  • http://fremontfoodie.wordpress.com/ Andrew C.


    I checked the Fresh & Easy store locator and Fremont is not (currently) listed as a future store site. Here’s hoping…


  • fremontguy

    a councilman mentioned it at a local meeting… hope it happens.

  • charlie C

    Three cheers for our Mayor and City Council representatives who got this done. They do deserve ALL the credit! Re-elect them ALL!

  • Rescue Blues

    Yes, please vote for Wasserman in the next election. Natarajan, Harrison and Cho will appreciate it… :-)

  • Andy

    All this excitement for a grocery store??..

  • Paul L. Knight

    With respect to comments 17 and 18, the City Council did not bring Whole Foods to Fremont. Some years ago Whole Foods had a plan to locate in Fremont at the current location of the Monument Center at the intersection of Fremont, Washington and Bay St. The City Council then, acting as the Redevelopment Agency, was trying to remove the current tenants of that shopping center so it could be demolished to provide room for Whole Foods. However, Whole Foods pulled out, the Monument Center was not destroyed, and the redevelopment project was stopped. By the way, the Monument Center is one of the few strip malls that is completely occupied.

    It is clear that Whole Foods makes decisions based on their business projections. All successful businesses run this way. The charm of the City Council did not sway them in the past, and it will not sway them in the future. That is, the possibility of a Whole Foods in Fremont should not sway voters. Of course, the decision makers at Whole Foods could change their minds again about locating in Fremont.

  • worble

    Amen #20 No To W-ASS-ERMAN and his cronies unless you want more of the same back door deals.

  • Andrew C.

    One would have to assume that #17 was being sarcastic.

    If I’m wrong and #17 was sincere –shudder– then #20 is fully correct.

  • charlie C

    CC to AC…
    You would be correct if you were to assume post #17 to be sincerely urbane. Two time losers and retreads who seek to replace our incumbent representatives have already demonstrated they would be much worse! Who are U going to vote for in 2012?

  • bbox231
  • Audrey

    Good insight, thank you to comment #20

  • bbox231

    #23 -

    The difference is that our incumbents have had the opportunity to *demonstrate* their ineptitude at the most basic of fundamentals.

    So egregious and consistent is this historical record that it is simply time to turn this over to someone else.

    Consider –

    1.) Demonstrated inability to accurately forecast and anticipate critical revenue sources –


    2.) Demonstrated willingness to establish policy of public interest by mandate, not consensus -


    3.) Repeated inability to deliver results as planned –




    4.) Demonstrated Inability to communicate -


    5.) Demonstrated willingness to waste time and money to no productive end -


    6.) Willingness to allow the above behaviors and symptoms to go unchallenged and uncorrected.

  • Audrey

    Hey I didn’t know the mayor and a coucilmember got to go to India for free back in 2007. What?? And it was funded by taxpayers. That’s terrible!! not cool

  • West

    Good info, Bbox

  • Charlie C

    #26 & #28… Maybe you could suggest some reasonable people who should run for Mayor and City Council 2012?

    Attached is a video link of Box & West at a recent Fremont Citzens Network fundraiser. Can you guess which one is West?


  • bbox231

    Audrey – if I recall correctly, Wasserman actually bailed on the trip at the last minute. . . which, would have been a slap in the face of our Asian prospects . . . but, the trip went ahead as planned. I dont recall who took his place. . .

    #29 – re suggestions for “reasonable” people – - – - anybody

    And while we’re at it, you may expand on my list of reasons to consider getting rid of incumbents and add to it, the nature of exchanges which masquerade as “dialogue” and which are put forth by their supporters – - – case in point, post #29.

  • Charlie C

    Agreed Fremontians deserve better representation so be honest, is “anybody” really just code for the two time losers and retreads waiting in the wings? While I present deliberative dialogue isn’t you who doing the masquerading? It is commonly assumed that the only alternatives to consensus are compromise and dissent. I’m all for moving forward with “new blood”. Do you agree Fremont needs new and reasonable people to repesent us in 2012?

  • Perry Masonary

    Truly, we desperately need competent representation ASAP, but who can make it through the meat-grinder? Even local elections have become a mechanism that is geared to grind down and out anyone who possesses the requisite common sense that’s been so sorely lacking in City leadership.

    Who can manage to hold down a full-time job and still walk door-to-door in all of the neighborhoods in the City and do meet-and-greets at supermarkets and public events? Kiss your weekends and holidays goodbye.

    Who can slice-and-dice all of the data to determine the most productive locations or means to contact likely voters in your party, who’s a frequent voter, who donated to who or what in past elections, and who is your competition getting their money from? If your competition is an incumbent, who will research all of their votes on every issue since they got elected?

    Who can self-finance a campaign because they won’t take contributions from special interests? Alternatively, who will sell their soul for campaign cash, and to who and for how much? Running ain’t cheap anymore.

    Who’s going to set up and manage your campaign website?

    Who really loves familiarizing themselves with the finer points of the City budget? The Capital Improvement Plan? The General Plan?

    Who wants people threatening to picket their house because they disagree with a position they’ve taken?

    Who really enjoys extemporaneous public speaking and answering questions that range from the technical to the personal?

    If you just can’t wait to attend one more meeting of the Rotarians, the Elks, the Moose, the Masons, the Chamber of Commerce, the CBC, the Silicon Valley Leadership Group, FCN, the School Board, the League of Women Voters, and countless other local groups, running for public office could be your thing.

    Sound like fun? Any takers?

  • bbox231

    It is not the lack of desire by, or the availability of candidates that keeps us mired in this muck.

    It is – IMHO – a lethargy amongst a significant majority of Fremont electorate which allows a largely inept junto to remain empowered.

    Curiously, that entity with the most significant opportunity (and responsibility) to awaken a sleeping electorate, the local “free” press, chooses to avoid critical examination or commentary of our council and their actions, and even offers occassional advertorial promotion.

    Most disturbing is the willingness of that same venue to provide occasional jibes (masquerading as “humor”) aimed squarely at the intentions of those who challenge the status quo.

    So, while there is a need for change, it is recognized by far too few and those with the responsibility and potential opportunity to promote awareness are, seemingly, adversarial to the interests of the greater community.

  • West

    Why would anyone get into public service, that is what being a council person is “public Service”
    Then to have people with low IQ’s constantly ridicule you and make false accusations.
    They are really stealth supporters of the present council
    The only redeeming thing is that they have lost all credibility and integrity, I do not have to name, names everyone on the blog know who they are

  • http://fcnisbacon.wordpress.com/ Marty

    I have no comment other than this awesome video:


  • Audrey

    OMG that video was soooo funny!! Thanks Marty! lots of good laughs :)

  • bbox231

    “Comments from a majority of this council not only admits failure of leadership during their tenure, but negates prior comments of praise for a new General Plan and actions taken toward development of the Midtown/Downtown.”

    “If any conclusion can be drawn, it is the dysfunctional state of Fremont, a city with unlimited potential saddled with weak council vision or direction.”

    “…what’s the point of these meetings when the council shows minimal leadership and does little except praise staff and consultants for endless reports while putting City management on autopilot..”


  • Charlie C

    #34 CalGuy….OH SNAP!!! It is understood that I ain’t no English Major but why can’t you at least put a period at the end of a sentence?
    #35 Marty…Funny stuff! Hey do you think The Whole Paycheck will get built in time for the FCNers to shelp for votes in 2012 there?

    Revenge of the Black Prius link attached….

  • http://fremontfoodie.wordpress.com Andrew C.

    Whole Foods Fremont

    Geographical Observations:


  • bbox231

    #27 Audrey

    While the trip to india was planned in late 2007. No one made this trip . . . Cho seemingly submarined the plan by asking pesky questions like “why are we going ?” (Personally, I speculate these kinds of questions to be, in part, contributing reasons for his eventual political demise with our council and the less-than-favorable local commentary provided by Ourgas.)

    However, another trip several months later was planned for travel to China . . . under similar justifications as the original India trip.


    Originally, Wasserman was supposed to attend but, for whatever reasons, decided not to. (always a nice gesture to asian business sensibilities)

    Weickowski kindly offered to take his place when the elder Bobbie W. bailed – - – Cho again inquired about the rationalizations and purpose for the trip but, this time, taxpayer monies found their way into the travel agents hands.

    Weickowski had a productively good time.

    Cho is history and Weickowski made it to Sacto.

    What was that song “Rock the Boat” – - -

  • Audrey

    Hi Bbox231, thanks for the insight. You seem to be really well informed in Fremont politics! maybe u should run for something? :)

  • Marty

    ..maybe u should run for something?

    Box, I agree. I’d start with Miss Teen USA.

  • bbox231