Diamond Palace is closed

Fremont appears to have a sudden shortage of banquet halls. The latest loss is the Diamond Palace on Peralta, which apparently has filed for bankruptcy. It’s been closed this week.

Last year, the Golden Peacock — also on Peralta, but north of Fremont Boulevard — closed shop and moved to Hayward. Someone there told me that they are getting business from people left in a lurch by the Diamond Palace’s closing.

The Niles Banquet Hall isn’t allowed do big events with booze anymore since two wedding got violent in 2008.

The owner of the Center Theater wanted a permit to hold banquet events, but the City Council rejected it last month.

A proposed banquet hall at The Globe — much like The Globe itself — never materialized.

There’s still the Century House in beautiful Centerville, the Elks Lodge, and several churches, but not much else for indoor events.

Matt Artz


  1. I guess people are going to have to bite the bullet and pony up the cash to hold their events at one of Fremont’s golf clubs.

  2. Fremont is becoming a “NO ENTERTAINMENT ZONE” because the Mayor, City Council and the Police Chief has written rules and regulations guaranteed to keep all entertainment out of Fremont.
    I spend my restaurant and entertainment dollars in San Jose. I think this is just fine with the powers that be!

  3. People move to Fremont as a peaceful, quiet place to live. Raise a family, educate the kids, and get a good night’s sleep before heading off to work every day.

    Entertainment has not been a priority for most of the residents, voters and taxpayers, and hopefully the Mayor, City Council and Police Chief are listening.

  4. Poppie, Please speak for you self, I have met no one that is happy about going to San Jose or out of town for entertainment. Fremont has a population of over 200 thousand. I am sure you are not speaking for them.
    When in San Jose I met and see a lot of Fremont residents.
    We have no Center for Performing Arts, No Theaters, yet. Do you like to go out for a nite of Dancing, well you will have to go out of town our put on your cowboy hat and go sh*t Kicking

  5. West is right. I’ve lived in Fremont since 1958. I say the only think our city has become is over crowded,with a traffic light at every corner.

    Our City Fathers should spend a little time in down town Livermore. They have it right.

  6. Broken record here…but back to the Center Theater:

    Through college, I had a small business restoring old movie theaters. Here are a couple that we worked on back in the early 80s that continue to thrive and greatly helped their neighbors…

    The Tower in Fresno:


    The Vista in Los Angeles:


    The Arcata in Arcata


    and we worked the first (pre David Packard restoration) of the San Jose Fox:


    Do whatever to utilize that place…the nightlife will follow.

  7. We have a performing arts center in Fremont, look at the Smith Center at Ohlone College. There have been lots of postings on this blog about shows at the Smith Center.

    Regarding banquets, the Marriot on Fremont Blvd does a good job, they have a nice ballroom and cater meals.

    I can’t say much about dancing, there’s a ballroom place at Cushing & Fremont but I’ve not been there yet.

  8. And don’t forget that the City will rent you a pigeon-sh*t infested picnic site for about a half a G. There’s many other options.

  9. I agree with West. I spend most of my entertainment/restaurant money in San Jose too. My friends and I all think that Fremont is really boring.

  10. West, you move in different circles than I do.
    My neighbors are worried about jobs, education for their kids, and taking care of their older relatives.

    Most of the entertaining involves jump houses, balloons, and family reunions at the parks, music lessons for the kids and maybe a recital or two.

    They use their church halls for the really big events. Several are pretty big on going to the gyms and waterslide.

    Personally I prefer a good night’s sleep to the sirens that were going off all night along Peralta when the Coffee Bean was rockin.

    Of course, you might not want to stay out too late in San Jose as the new police force cuts and reduction in services are news even now … the people there don’t want to pay so much to supervise what passes for ‘adult’jj or exciting entertainment.

    Accept the fact that people move here to raise families and live quietly. Take BART to the city when you have an urge to boogie.

  11. #9…Maybe a professional sports franchise would liven things up a tad? Lew my brother, are you listening?

  12. or this one….


    I know that it can be picked apart that some of these places, on their own, are financial underachievers. This is true in some cases; but what is striking is how they can bring a area alive and inject foot traffic and revenues to the neighborhoods they inhabit. And the secondary benefit – when you drive through a city or a ‘burb that has saved and restored their movie house, you know that city has a respect for its heritage. Fremont has a great opportunity here.

  13. Poppie, you have secured your spot as….

    The Most Uninteresting Man in The World.

    Stay churchy, my friend.

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