Fremont News of the Day

From the cops:

A guest at the Goodnight Inn wouldn’t leave the motel lobby last night, except to go to McDonald’s. Officers found him walking back to the hotel from the fast food chain loaded up on a stimulant far more powerful than a vanilla milkshake. The guest scuffled with the cops, so the cops Tasered the guest.

Two armed men dressed in black robbed Max Gas at 39925 Mission Boulevard.

Burglars at the 4300 block of Lenoso Court were spotted and fled. Officers responding stopped a juvenile, searched him and arrested him for possessing quite a lot of marijuana.

No one stopped burglars on Terra Cotta Terrace. They grabbed jewelry and an Amazon Kindle.

From the wire:
Washington Hospital’s Nancy Farber is hardly the only Hospital CEO making more than a million per year.

Fremont woman benefits from new medical technology.

Matt Artz