R.I.P Fremont Argus

Our parent company announced today that it  is rebranding its East Bay newspapers. The upshot is that starting in November, The Argus will be folded into the new East Bay Tribune, along with the Oakland Tribune, West County Times and other publications. Read the company’s news release here.

Matt Artz


  1. IS this just a branding scheme or will it result in changes in news coverage?

  2. Tears.

    (It’s the bleeding heart)

    The Argus meant a lot to me and many of us.
    We’ll keep reading (remotely)

  3. Does this mean the current Argus office space is going to become an Asian Buffet?

  4. A dedicated local section with expanded coverage sounds good—better than the CoCo Times stuff that had been trickling down over the past year or so. Real local coverage, Mr Roadshow, comics and this blog are the value for me. Everything else I can get somewhere else.

    It’s a little sad about the Argus name itself, since I used to deliver it in the mid-80’s. But if that’s the worst of it, more power.

  5. This sounds like a viable upgrade.

    As long as BANG can continue to offer discounted subscriptions combined w/ first issue free at my local grocer, I am on board!!!!

  6. No difference. As Marty says, the Argus has been dead for years. Medianews killed it.

  7. Robert, from what we’ve been told, the future East Bay Tribune will have a local section covering Fremont to Richmond, west of the hills. Presently, “local” for us is defined as Fremont to San Leandro. We’ve been told that the new paper will have more of a regional focus, and will go after more bigger-picture stories. The proposed layoffs appear quite significant. There’s no guarantee that there still will be a dedicated Fremont daily reporter — or blog — after the changes are implemented.

  8. Bang does not get it. We do not care about San Leandro, Oakland, Richmond or Contra Costa.
    Most residents of Fremont spend their entertainment dollars in the San Jose area.
    A large part of Fremont works and plays in Silicon Valley.
    We really belong to San Jose Mercury.
    Think about it Fremont residents, when was the last time you were in Oakland, San Leandro.
    The Bang newspaper Group does not represent the residents of Fremont and we have little or alternative.
    Let’s start a list of Alternatives to the Argus or whatever the hell there are going to call it.

    Tri City Voice
    Metro, Silicone Valley news and entertainment
    Fremont Bulletin, often better then the Argus.

    I hope Matt Survives this insanity

  9. Matt,

    When I said the Argus is dead to me, it’s because I don’t even know what it is anymore. It’s essentially the Argus section of “Inside Bay Area”, hard to pin exactly whose news you are reading, let alone what exactly the product is and who is selling it to you. Though the same can be said for most online news (yahoo, aol, Huff, Reuters, AP, Breitbart).

    I would think with consolidated regional reporting, advertising and production that would leave room for local sections to be expanded, but apparently not. In that context this is very disappointing. Any change that reduces your personal involvement in reporting Fremont is a very bad thing.

  10. Matt, this is a big blow to the local paper. West, don’t you get tired of kissing up to San Jose? maybe you should consider moving there??

  11. “No Tears”, “No difference”, “a viable upgrade”.

    If these aren’t quotes delivered straight from corporate headquarters intended to look natural when planted here by “average Fremont citizens”, then government mind-control has advanced far-beyond anything Orwell ever dreamed up.

    Sorry guys, but as open-minded as I am, I don’t think the views expressed by you three above are explained by either of the above options.
    Except in maybe Marty’s case.

    No those probably are your “thoughts” on the matter of how this “re-branding” will affect our newspaper’s local coverage of the Tri-Cities.

    Remember back in 2000 when all sorts of smart people were adamantly informing smart, informed people that there wasn’t any difference between Bush and Gore? That Ralph Nader was the only real option, it was obvious, and if you thought so (and you did) but still voted for Gore, it was because you were more afraid of Gore losing than Bush winning and would only enable the real problem with our government -the two-party system- to be more bolstered, entrenched and even more impossible to get rid of.

    Boy, that was some far-out thinking huh? That there would be little difference between a Gore presidency and …

    …..and if you think that the Argus is dead and can’t get no deader in November, or that there won’t be any noticeable difference, or have delusions of an improved paper that will make you even more informed than you are now,
    not just WRONG,
    you’re Right! -with the TIMES a piece of media,
    keeping Up! with Chloe, and Snookie and Regis you’re Dancin’ with the Stars! downtown in the (if they can decide ) in the midst of (where) it (might be) “Buy a Hat!” -find out how in section B
    The Cal SLaves beat Stanford’s Team of House N—rs! Paydirt for Both schools sports programs. Groundbreaking commences on the University’s $900 million dollar “Hall of Freedom Hall” a 780 acre administrative entertainment suite complex dedicated to higher learning and the pursuit of a better future for all. A future that is exclusively planned exclusive and free, of freedom, and free of undesirables -in Sports

    Heyyy! HO! Crackers Win again! Over here. the news. ?

    YOU are the PROBLEM.

    Don’t start askin’ questions Artz! That’s a good boy.
    Do your duty Artz.

    Do your Duty.

  12. HUH

    Tony’s having trouble with the stresses of current events. How would you react if your messiah turned out to be a Muppet?

  13. In yesterday’s Argus, there was a long story about the AAA tow contract issue. I didn’t measure, but it was considerably longer than any Fremont story I have seen recently. In the little squib about the writer, it said she covered Pleasant Hill and some other town in that area. My thought was that the total population of those two towns was probably a third of the population of Fremont, which has one reporter to cover it. No time for long stories. No time for investigative jounalism. No time to do justice to our community. Then they force him to take furloughs and there is no one.

    For those in charge, their world revolves around Walnut Creek. They thin San Joaquin County is in the bay area. They have no clear view of our community, or much of anything outside Walnut Creek.

    Is anyone really surprised about all of this? This has been coming since they acquired the Mercury, which, by the way, once had a Fremont bureau with 12 reporters and an editor. Today, we have a vestige of a newspaper with one reporter trying to do his job.

    Thanks for nothing, BANG. Or is it more properly, BAAG (Bay Area Advertising Group.)

  14. Gus,
    Concerning AAA’s new contracting that was reported in yesterday’s paper; Did I miscalculate the numbers in the article or did it actually say that AAA expects the companies under contract to do an average of 8 tows an hour? 200 tows a day? Seven days a week?

    and now here’s a, a,… a, spokes-douche for the company to shed some better light on the situation with some important insights:

    “Unfortunately, due to a meek entrepreneurial spirit, there will be some Tow Truck operator’s who will not take this opportunity to grow their business. AAA members needn’t worry though, they won’t notice any difference in Service or response time except for the better, as a result of this viable upgrade.

    Weeding out these weakling businesses is a natural part of the selection process and is a sign that the Capitalist Process is Functioning Healthily.
    Will more people be unemployed? Will JObs will be lost?
    You betcha they will..
    but you know what??…

    and that benefits ALL of us!

    Now get out there and Work , and work, and work
    and if you want an hour for lunch, just take a day off and don’t come back because we got plenty of guys that want to work if you don’t want to.”

    Now let us take a moment to thank our sponsors..


  15. #18
    No, but I think Tia Carrere is a FCN member looking for a messiah who can get elected.

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