Non-injury accident leads to fatal crash

 Very bizarre fate car wreck this morning.

There was a minor non-injury crash on I-680 this morning. The two drivers, 37-year-old female and a 47-year-old male, agreed to trade insurance information off the freeway, so they exited at Washington Boulevard and parked on the north side of Washington near the off ramp.

They were both standing on the sidewalk about 9:30 a.m. when an 83-year-old Fremont man traveling westbound on Washington veered off the road and right into the 47-year-old man, sending him down an embankment. Officers found the man pinned under the Buick. He was taken to a regional trauma center in San Jose where he was pronounced dead.

The 83-year-old was also admitted to the hospital. 


Matt Artz


  1. Thanks AARP, et al for making sure this fossil had the “right to drive”.

    “Right now 32 states have no additional requirements for seniors renewing their licenses, even though drivers 75 and older have higher rates of fatal accidents than any other group except teenagers.”

  2. Marty, for our benefit, would you please point your finger at the group responsible for making sure careless, immature, inconsiderate teenage idiots have the “right to drive”? Because they are a seriously misguided lobby.

    At least the fossils whose right to drive the AARP fights to ensure*,
    have proven that they can.

    * Double-entendre and pun intended.

  3. There are many restrictions for drivers under 18. There are no other age based restrictions that I know of in CA, specifically pertaining to elderly drivers.

    I don’t believe AARP has proven anything other than their willingness to sacrifice a few lives here and there, so that their members feel independent.

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