Planning Commission approves hillside mansion for the third time

No one fares better at the Fremont Planning Commission than Dr. Goney Sandhu. He could probably get these guys to approve a fire dancing academy in the hills.

Problem for Dr. Sandhu is the City Council. Twice Dr. Sandhu got Planning Commission approval for a 16,000 square foot mansion in the hills just south of the Union City border. And both times the Council rejected the project based on Fermont’s voter-approved ordinances that restrict hillside development.

Environmentalists are still opposing him, but it’s looking much more promising for Dr. Sandhu, who owns 80 acres of hillside property. He’s nearly cut the size of his house in half to just under 10,000 square feet. That includes going from an indoor pool to an outdoor pool and from a five-car garage to a four car garage. He’s also agreed to put it in a spot where just about no one will be able to see it.

A lot of those changes may not sound like much, but they help him conform much more with the hillside ordinances, and it was enough for city staff members to recommend that permits for the house be approved this time around.

Environmentalists say they’ll appeal this to the City Council, so we’ll find out soon if the third time is a charm for Dr. Sandhu or if it’ll be strike three.

BTW, I talked to Sandhu after the meeting. He said he’s spent more than $350,000 thousand just to get to this point of the approval process. But he said living in the hills is his dream. He grew up in the Seven Hills district of Union City, and the hills is where he wants to be.

Matt Artz


  1. The City Council will approve. I wonder how much money Dr. Sandhu has donated to there political campaigns.

  2. Why would anyone need a 10,000-square foot house??

    To hold more marble columns.

  3. I wonder if the Fremont Citizens Network is planing some kind of a raging protest? It’s odd that the FCNers have no issue with the railway yard.

  4. Mc Mansions in the hills…it makes my Alimentary canal ache.
    Know a good doctor?

    It ain’t about their view of us – it’s all about our view of them.

  5. Dan, at 10,000 sq ft, I think chop the “Mc” designation and just call it a mansion.

  6. Yeah, you are right. It is a “Slider.” …and with as much as those hills move – Pun Intended.

    (Could you imagine losing your keys in that sucker?)

  7. Slide down a hill, swallowed up by an earthquake, lost in foreclosure after the green economy is proven to be a fraud. Homes can meet their demise in many ways.

    In the meantime, it might as well be a 10,000 sq ft mansion in the hills.

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