Development firm still has plans for Kimber Park

When news broke last week that developer Ed Daou had fatally shot his son and himself, folks in Kimber Park didn’t know if that would spell the end for Daou’s plans to redevelop 13 acres that includes lots of open land and a private tennis club.

It will not.

Daou’s business partner, Steve Saray said that the development and construction company Daou founded and ran is still in business, and it still plans to close a deal to purchase the Kimber Park property.

He also said the firm, called Civitaf, planned on submitting a development application with the city withing 45 days. Daou had been pitching a proposal to refurbish The Club at Mission Hills and build nearly 30 homes on some of the open space.

Residents thought it was a terrible idea and city planners said it ran contrary to  the original development covenant that set aside the land as private open space.

Matt Artz


  1. Fremont part time politicians will find a way to approve the development

  2. Save Kimber Park members are committed to preserving the private open space and will never support development of this area. See our website for info.

  3. Hi Bill!

    I beleive that several of these folks helped in the Coyote Hills/Patterson effort. For those who weren’t involved, often it takes an issue close to home to wake us up to other irresponsible developments (like the Area 4 and Rewood City/Cargill developments)…

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