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From the cops:

A mother read her 12-year-old daughter’s diary. Big mistake. The girl apparently wrote fake entries about sleeping with an 18-year-old — all to throw her snooping mother off the scent of her 14-year-old boyfriend, with whom she had been messing around. The mom called police — after she took her daughter to confront the innocent and sexless 18-year-old. Police arrived to a big shouting match, but settled things down.

A divorced woman at Southlake Mobile Home Park invited her boyfriend to live with her in the park. This upset her ex-husband, who went to the home with a baseball bat and beat on the new boyfriend.

How fast do Fremont police get to the scene of a crime? Fast enough that they responded to a report of a 52-year-old man masturbating in the bushes on Creekwood Drive in time to arrest the man before he climaxed. Unclear if the cops were really that fast or the masturbater was just a slowpoke.

A shoplifter, who triggered Walmart’s theft alarm had no time for the store’s greeter. When the greeter asked the shoplifter to stay put, the shoplifter gave the greeter two good bumps and threatened to do a lot more.

Matt Artz


  1. Great reporting…no beating around the bushes.
    And kudos to the Fremont PD for not choking and quickly coming upon the suspect at the Creekwood crime scene.

  2. Vinnie, in April 2010 you said:

    “When it became clear that NUMMI would close, our city government should have been in crisis mode to try to save these jobs or to find an opportunity to replace them.”

    You now serve on the city’s economic development commission. Can you educate us on exactly what crisis mode activities your commission has been engaging in to avoid the Solyndra closure?

  3. My understanding is that Solyndra could not compete with cheaper panels manufactured elsewhere, likely by low-paid workers in poor conditions of countries that manipulate their currencies. The US has got to get serious about countering the predatory trade policies of China, Japan, and others. Until that happens, new major American manufacturers (and most of the old ones) will have little chance of survival. It’s not protectionism when they started the fight.

    This has nothing to do with Vinnie, the city council, and or any local politician. If every square inch of local government buildings were covered with Solyndra panels, it still would not have kept the company going.

  4. Nobody is expecting Vinnie Bacon to have “saved” Solyndra. But he is required to hold himself to the same standards he demanded from city government when he was a candidate.

    He won’t respond to me. No need, his doublespeak is evident.

  5. Come back Lew Wolff! Solyndra and Nummi have struck out! We (at least some of us) didn’t mean to run you out of Fremont on a rail! The Fremont A’s would have provided thousands of full-time and part-time jobs to this beleaguered city. It’s sad that some of us got it so wrong.

  6. It’s a valid point that Marty stumbled into . . . . and I’ll go out on a limb and guess that Vinnie is going to learn to discriminate between those issues which can reasonably be addressed at a local level and which can’t.

    A wise mentor of mine, a long time ago, would have chalked it up to something he used to call “youthful exuberance”. A cynic would call it an example of stupidity.

    But, whatever you make of it, the salvation or crucifiction of your personal record comes NOT in the original mistake, but how you respond to the mistake, and whether you are able to think critically, learn, and correct future behavior.

    So, in this case, I’m betting Vinnie wont make this same mistake a second time.

    Unfortunately, however, our Council and Mayerrr have demonstrated a willingness to repeat and compound mistakes beyond any reason.

    And THEIR history of doing so is F U L L L L of examples.

    Witness – Centerville; (needn’t say more) or, (here’s one of my all-time favorites !) a tax surplus “discovered” immediately on the coattail of a utility tax initiative which was full of attendant claims of how broke our city was.

    Forget the flawed reporting and forecasting that could allow for such a disparity to exist – let’s chalk that up to “youthful exuberance” (but, wait a minute – unlike Vinnie, WE’VE been doing what we’ve been doing for many many years – so, maybe that excuse holds no water – – – but never mind) – – – but, now the question in the forefront of the minds (?) of our Council and Mayor should be something along the lines of – “How does this appear to our citizens? ” and “What SHOULD we do about it ?”

    You know perhaps we should at least feign some desire to maintain a modicum of credibility and to do so, perhaps we need to communicate how it was that this serious misunderstanding came to exist in the first place, and how you’ll manage differently in the future to avoid such blatant screw-ups. But, instead, we just do a proverbial “oops” and we all wander back to our desks, as though nothing has happened, no explanation, no mention or discussion of what we’ll do differently next time, credibility shattered – – – please move along folks. . . .

    And, the list goes on – – –

    See, the problem isn’t that people screw up once in a while. The problem is, what you do about it. Do you keep re-entering negotations with the same moron that’s gotten you nothing except lost RDA funds, or do you break the cycle, and, at least, move in a new direction ?

    Maybe Vinnie suffers from this same disease, maybe he doesn’t, we can’t tell because he hasn’t been given the chance.

    On the other hand, our Council and Mayerrr have demomnstrated their “learning” skills . . . . and the results, unlike our council, speak very succinctly.

  7. #6…Marty nailed it! A wise mentor of mine once said …when the bacon stops to sizzle the bacon is cooked. Please move along folks. . . .time for some new blood!

  8. Charlie C,

    Your metaphor is frighteningly mixed. Perhaps you need a more well-spoken mentor?

  9. Have any of you wondered why Marty and Charlie
    are suffering from the same psychosis about Bacon.
    Why they continously attack him. Marty has even developed a website to attack Bacon.
    My question is why the hatred, why the continous attacks?
    It makes one wonder about there Mental Health?

  10. Fine examples of the types of mentalities which are stridently *supportive* of our current incumbancies . . Wasserman et al must be proud.

  11. Read my blog entry from April 2010 – Perceptive or Politicking?.

    You honestly want to frame that as a “hateful attack”? My thesis back then is spot on. “Youthful” exuberance or not (I call it reactionary and inconsistent), it is pretty clear that my criticism back then was fair.

    The fact that Bacon and his petty supporters have the gall to frame my criticism as “attacks” is just more reason to keep the microscope focused on this character. And I will with even greater vigor, especially if the same disrespect Bacon has shown his detractors is part of his modus operandi in 2012.

  12. . . . .keep the microscope focused on this character.”

    And, off the antics at City Haul. . .. .

  13. Charlie, Charlie, Charlie – get some glasses –

    Vinnie hasn’t been a part of the Centerville debacle which has been ongoing for, whatdya think – 10, 15 years ?????????!!!! . . . . nor was it his opinion to propose a Utility Tax . . . . nor was Vinnie responsible for the flawed forecasting which should have confirmed an ensuing revenue surplus . . . and he wasn’t involved in the decision to dispatch Mssr. Weickowski on an Asia boondoggle while we were simultaneously claiming to be economically challenged . . . . and he understands that a singular minimum yellow light duration does not work for all intersections and that the “dilemma zone” for any given intersection is varied and that red light cameras are, first about revenue, and second about . . . . revenue . . . . . he also wasn’t a party to the decision to forgo the opportunity to create a revenue stream by ticketing residential false alarms . . . . no, Charlie – the record of failure by our Council is long and distinguished . . . Bacon is a newbie that’s barely just gotten his feet wet by comparison.

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