Fremont test scores

For data on Fremont test scores click here for district scores based on ethnicity and here for a school-by-school breakdown.

Overall test scores increased a bit, but not fast enough and not by students in the right subgroups to satisfy your friendly federal regulator. The No Child Left Behind Law — some of whose provisions are perhaps the best evidence that our public school system truly has produced a nation of idiots — demands that students in all sorts of categories continually improve in their test scores through 2014 when every student  is to be proficient in English and math, even though that’s impossible and invites fraud.

Unfortunately we’re three years away from examageddon and that intelligence chip still isn’t on the market. That means soon every district in the country will be in violation of the law and will go into the dreaded Program Improvement.

This year was Fremont’s turn. The district along with three elementary schools failed to meet all of their targets. They are Blacow Elementary, Grimmer Elementary and Cabrillo Elementary. Cabrillo actually saw its test scores rise 50 points to 814, but that wasn’t good enough. The only school whose score went up more was Durham Elementary, which jumped 55 points — enough to get it out of Program Improvement.

No surprises when it comes to the top scoring schools: Mission, Hopkins and Mission.



Matt Artz


  1. Small Note:

    If the last sentence:

    “…the top scoring schools: Mission, Hopkins and Mission”

    is meant to list an elementary, a Jr. High and a High school respectively, then which “Mission” elementary does it refer to: Mission San Jose Elementary or Mission Valley Elementary?


  2. Andrew: the report says Mission San Jose Elementary had the highest score, though there are many schools in the district within 5% of the top score.

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